3 Innovative Ways Healthcare Startups are Reinventing Healthcare Technology

In the same way that mankind took flight because of the ingenuity of two young brothers with a vision, so too, are the recent advances in healthcare technology being driven by lean and hungry healthcare startups with revolutionary ideas.

Oftentimes, these startups take the plunge into the daunting realm of healthcare technology because they have a highly-specialized understanding of an emerging aspect of a peripheral field, such as artificial intelligence, and they know how to apply it to the advancement of patient care.

Some of the most intriguing developments in healthcare technology coming from ambitious startups include:

Health Crowd

Health Crowd initiated a paradigm shift when they created an end-to-end engagement healthcare platform, previously unheard of in the industry. Their platform helps healthcare providers unify, optimize, and automate their services in order to deliver premium, patient-centered care.

What’s truly unique about Health Crowd is the way they orchestrate an ensemble of varied channels and technologies — such as voice, text, email, nanosites, and more — to drum up responses and encourage action amongst members!


Maintaining and tracking the progress of positive health routines can be challenging, but thanks to healthcare startup, Higi, patients will soon be able to to measure their vital signs at kiosks placed in over 11,000 grocery stores, club stores, and pharmacies.

Information collected will be able to be sent to providers and healthcare providers, and will be stored by users on their cell phones or wearable devices. Without a doubt, Higi is changing the way people change their lifestyle habits for the better!


With the help of GluCase’s smartphone case glucometer, those combating diabetes can monitor how their blood sugar levels vary throughout the day. Knowing how different activities impact glucose levels can help patients chart out a plan of action for better controlling their blood sugar and leading a lifestyle that makes managing their diabetes easier and more effective.

In addition, GluCase’s dashboard helps to prevent emergencies by providing real-time alerts whenever glucose levels hit dangerous thresholds.

The Bottom Line

Healthcare startups are creating new forms of healthcare technology that give patients a painless window into the state of their health, allowing for rapid responses to emerging concerns and preventing the unnecessary development of more serious consequences. This is healthcare transformation on steroids – and the future is exciting for each and every one of us.

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