4 Things Homeowners Should Know About Fireplaces  

A fireplace offers more than warmth in any room. It is a focal point that speaks a thousand words about your home. That is what makes it nerve-racking for most homeowners when choosing a design for corner fireplaces in their house. Selecting the perfect design has been an uphill task until now. Wondering why? Keep reading.

Why is corner fireplace beneficial?

Corner fireplaces are known and loved for versatility. They can easily be incorporated in tight spaces whether small or large. Its 3D design adds visual value to any given room. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a corner fireplace:

  • Saves space in a beautiful way
  • They can work in any part of the house including the bedroom making your home cozier.
  • Appropriate when a centralized background seating area is required

How can you design corner fireplaces?

No one promises that designing corner hearths is cakes and ale. However, we all agree that comfort must rule. Therefore, consider how you intend to use the space and how frequent you fire up the hearth. That is important when moving your furniture.

How to orient furniture at the fireplace?

Furniture orientation is paramount since they must face the hearth. As you lay an area rug that auger well with the fireplace, remember to leave enough space for movement. If the room is spacious, squarely arranged furniture centered on the hearth is perfect. However, if tight consider having swivel chairs close to your fireplace.

What other fireplaces to try?

If corners aren’t your preferred taste, don’t worry. You have many alternatives. Modern fireplaces are built with glass and marble to get everyone on onboard including the traditional stone and brick. Keep reading to find out more about each of them.

Modern fireplace

Most people can’t differentiate between a modern fireplace and the contemporary ones. Well, the material is the only game changer since designers strive to preserve their original look.

Modern fireplaces have carved a niche for themselves in their ability to adapt and send a valuable message. They come in various shapes and can be placed anywhere.

Ethanol Fireplaces

Using ethanol as a heating source has become trendy nowadays. Ethanol fireplaces are adored because they require little maintenance in addition to being flexible.

The fireplace gained popularity because it is considered eco-friendly. The denatured ethanol utilized produces no smoke eliminating the need for vents. All heat generated remains indoors.

Floating fireplaces

Is your space limited? It should not deprive you of enjoying a fire. Floating fireplaces were designed for you. They are tiny elements that are packed nicely to hang from your ceiling.

Whether you intend to buy corner fireplaces or others, it is important to remember that quality products come from trusted dealers like Ortal. They offer more than a fire. You get advice, designs, installation, maintenance, warranties and fantastic offers. Contact us to get professional services.

Which fireplace do you use? How do you find it? Share your experience and recommendations.

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