4 Tips For A Quick Weekend RV Vacation With Your Family

If you’re like most people, when you think of ‘RV vacation’ you probably think of an extended road trip that’s two weeks to a month long.

But who says your RV vacation has to be that long? Who says it can’t be short? In fact, who says your RV vacation can’t be a weekend?

If you own an RV and want to get as much use out of it as you can, and if you would like to get away from the hassles and stresses of life while you’re at it, a quick 2-3 day RV vacation over the weekend with your family could be the answer to your problems.

Here are four tips for a quick weekend RV vacation with your family:

Tip #1 – Prepare As You Would For A Longer Trip

All the same rules of applying for a long RV trip apply for a short one as well. You’ll need to make a checklist of the food and items you need, have everything your pets need, inspect your RV and go on a quick test drive to make sure it’s functioning properly, make a list of expenses and budget yourself appropriately, and assign responsibilities to the other members of your family to be in charge of packing their own items.

You don’t have to spend an excessively long amount of time preparing for a short weekend escape, but you should prepare and prepare wisely nonetheless. One of the best ways to be prepare will be to take care of small tasks each day over the course of the week.

Tip #2 – Keep Travel Time To An Absolute Minimum

A weekend RV excursion is no time for a road trip. This is why you’ll want your destination to be close so driving time can be kept to an absolute minimum. A campground or park around one to two hours away should be your goal (three hours at the very most).

You can also avoid long travel times by steering clear of travel routes that you know will get heavily congested over the weekend as well.

Tip #3 – Stick To Simple Recipes

Planning and preparing meals for your weekend trip should not be complicated. For this reason, stick with the simplest recipes (chili/soup, tacos, hamburgers, hotdogs, etc.) that are easy to make and require minimal ingredients.

Tip #4 – Make Reservations

The last thing you’ll want is to pull into your campground only to find there are no spots available. Be on the safe side and call ahead of time to make reservations.

RV Vacationing With Your Family

Sometimes a weekend RV trip can be just as fun and memorable as a longer one. Just remember that hopping into your RV and taking off on a moment’s notice is a poor way to do it. RV trips of all types require planning, and that includes short weekend trips too.

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