9 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Child Play Outside

The truth is — there are more than just nine reasons that will convince you why letting your child play outside is a must.

A surefire way to enhance their childhood experience and help develop a number of skills, playground equipment suppliers and manufacturers are witnesses how many parents and child care institutions acknowledge the benefits of letting kids play beyond the confines of their homes.

If it’s your first time raising a child, here’s a quick read discussing the advantages of indulging them in an outdoor free play.

It is a fun way to exercise

Spending time in the playground brings significant physical benefits to your child. It is an enjoyable way to help develop your kid’s locomotor skills and sense of balance. It is also good for the heart as it counts as a cardiovascular exercise.

It enhances social skills

While providing physical advantages, outdoor activities also provide a great environment where children can interact with each other. Such interactions teach kids basic social etiquettes, like waiting for your turn before you can do one thing (e.g. Going down the slide).

It promotes creativity

An unstructured play done outside is an awesome platform where you can help enhance your little one’s creative thinking. As what many playground equipment suppliers can attest, a simple monkey bar or seesaw can turn into something like pirate ships in the eyes of a child.

It increases attention span

Did you know that around 4.6 million children are diagnosed with having ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? If you want to reduce the risk of your kid having ADHD, going to outdoor settings is an effective solution. Their exposure to such an environment helps improve their focus.

It boosts academic performance

One’s cognitive skills are an important factor on how he or she will fare in academics. Contrary to parents’ common notion, letting kids play outside is actually beneficial to cognition. It boosts their concentration while fostering their analytical abilities.

It connects them with nature

Allowing your child to connect with nature at a tender age is advantageous for many reasons. They see and experience first-hand many things like how plants grow, or how seasons change. Plus, they also get some fresh air — one thing they won’t be able to enjoy if they just play inside a room or play using their gadgets.

It improves sensory abilities

With their exposure to many outdoor things, you can observe significant improvements on your kid’s sensory skills — from their sense of sight and smell to touch and taste.

It improves sleep

Science teaches us that sunlight exposure helps us boost our levels of vitamin D. But apart from it, it can also aid in regulating sleep patterns. If your kid is involved in physical activities like playing outside, he or she can benefit by getting better quality sleep.

It boosts their immunity

One thing that playground equipment suppliers and manufacturers take pride in is the fact that outdoor free play is essential in boosting your child’s immunity. Outdoor light is crucial not only in keeping your kid’s immunity system strong but also in improving his or her mood.

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