All You Should Know About Asthma Inhalers [Storage Tips Inside]

For the patients with asthma, the asthma inhaler is next to god which is used to restore their breath and continue a healthy life. The basic function of using an asthma pump is to directly transfer the asthma medicine to the lungs. In the initial stage of asthma, you will not be able to encounter the problem until you feel short of breathing and toughness in your lungs. Your proper diagnoses and several tests will help your doctor determine the existence of asthma in your body.

Once your body gets affected due to asthma, you will have no other option to undergo medication and own an asthma inhaler with you all the time. The Canadian Pharmacy Online stores have different types of asthma inhalers that you can buy without any time consumption and almost zero efforts.

Metered-Dose Inhaler: The meter-dose inhaler is used when you want the medicine to reach your lings and overwhelm the problem of cough, short-breath, toughness in the chest, etc. The metered dose inhaler is such built that it gives the measured amount of output to every spray. This is a highly recommended inhaler spray for young and children who make mistakes while taking MDI medicine. Using this inhaler incorrectly will make it hard to reach the medicine to your lungs, that result in in-effective medication.

Spacer: Spacer is one such device that is used to transfer the medicine into your airways. The main use of using a spacer is to release the blocked throat and hoarseness. The doctors always prescribe cleaning your mouth after using a spacer if the medicine is using some drugs that might stick to your mouth and harm your body afterward.

Dry Powder Inhaler: As the name suggests, you have a dry powder without any special propellant. Once you release a spray of dry powder, you have to breathe quickly to intake maximum amount of dry powder in your lungs. But here you are not required to maintain any co-ordination while taking this medicine.

Breath Actuated Inhaler: This is an automatic machine that gives you medicine whenever you fall short of breath. You don’t need to press the inhaler or build a co-ordination to consume the medicine and recover your problem.

Some Inhaler Storage Tips that you should never Miss:

  • Always keep your inhaler away from direct sunlight. It should be kept at room temperature.
  • Always keep your inhaler clean and dry so that its only asthma medicine that enters your body.
  • Being a flammable substance, you should never use the meter-dose inhaler near the flame.
  • Ensure you are not using an outdated and expired asthma inhaler that can be even more dangerous than using nothing.
  • Always read the instructions on the inhaler label before using it.
  • Keep track of the amount left in your inhaler, to keep the alternative ready.

Asthma is one such problem that requires quick treatment and hence its recommended to stay attentive while moving out and have your asthma inhaler with you. Also, you should make sure you are in connectivity with your known that can be called immediately at the hour of need.

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