Buddhism through Soka Gakkai Los Angeles – A Life and Culture Not Often Experienced

Buddhism might be inherently oriental but has indeed spread across the occidental nations in the past few decades. And this can be realized every time you visit the international airports at these lands. You are going to find books on mindfulness proliferating in the bookstores at these airports. Also, there are multiple instances where the saffron-robed monks are participating in one rally after another for the environmental causes and bringing in peace and harmony across the world. Also, the Asian American immigrants are constantly building golden stupas and temples in each and every American city that start inhabiting.

However, the scenario is definitely different than Asian countries. Over here, Buddhism is not just a mere religion having its own beliefs and practices. It has got into the social, cultural and political fabrication as well, and hence the inherent connection of Buddhism with these places can be directly linked. Buddhism has already shown its dynamic nature in the oriental world, its practice in the diaspora can be equally realized and also the effort that has been put to bring it in the lifestyle of mainstream American people actually gives us the fair idea that Buddhism is not just an ancient religion and culture, but one that has been living through the hard times as well.

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Modern Buddhism and Soka Gakkai Los Angeles Being a Part of It

Modern Buddhism is not just following the religion and its sacred beliefs; it’s more about incorporating the compassion in everyday life and making it a wiser one. There’s no such country now, there’s no such land that has been dedicated, and Soka Gakkai Los Angeles once again proves that it is an international movement. Modern Buddhism has always lived upon to bring the ancient wisdom of Buddha into the modern world which is apparently free from all those cultural trappings which existed earlier and helps to show how to integrate Buddhist meditation and other practices into the utterly busy lives of the modern man.

There is multiple centers of Soka Gakkai Los Angeles spread and there are daily sessions and classes which are being organized to help the modern man gather the inner self and make life better. The instructions that are being given at all these classes organized by Soka Gakkai are not just abrupt and mere preaching; instead, they are proven scientific methods which definitely help in improving the inner qualities and reaching out for the highest potential through developing the enormous capacity of human mind.

The state of mind an individual is in, and what he experiences in the external world are inherently connected, and it is by practicing meditation one can realize the strong connection. Patience and inner strength is the key to influencing the mind and soul and the Buddhist practices have a profound contribution in gathering the self and bringing in peace and harmony across the world. The advance of Communism in the 20th century has given Buddhism a serious blow, but it is far beyond this to accept it and move forward strong headedly.

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