Buy Next Day Guest Mattresses & Beds Online

Need an extra bed for visitors, but don’t have the space for a dedicated guest bedroom? Buy a sturdy inflatable mattress from this mattresses next day online store, or a folding bed.

These inflatable beds and folding mattresses take up little space when packed away, but offer surprising comfort when inflated or opened up to create beds that measure up to queen size.

Find all of the following guest beds at online stores.

Sturdy, Easy AeroBeds Lead the Pack

Made popular through television infomercials in the 1990s, the Aero Products company introduced the first air mattress that quickly inflated and deflated. Made of heavy gauge materials, AeroBeds also let users adjust each mattress’s firmness. Since their introduction nearly two decades ago, Aero Products produces dozens of variations on its original mattress, including inflatable sofa beds, camping pads, and even pools. Check out for information and prices.

Essential EZ Bed FromFrontgate

Tucked inside a wheeled storage case, the Essential EZ Bed, available at and pictured below, unfolds to become a raised bed that stands two feet off the ground. The inflating mattress, which contains the pump, is 8 ½” thick and the bed is supported by 18 steel legs. Price: Twin: $179, Queen: $199. Shipping is $21.

Ottoman Twin Guest Bed From Overstock

This guest bed hides in plain sight and takes up little room. The Ottoman Twin Guest Bed from (seen in the photo below) spends most of its time as an unassuming leather footstool. Take off the top, however, and a fold out twin bed is revealed. Pull-out bed measures 17” high by 27” wide x 73” long. Ottoman measures 18.5” high by 31” wide by 35.5” deep. Shipping is $2.95.

Gaming Chair and Guest Bed

Perfect for kids and tweens, the Rocker Convertible Guest Bed Game Chair from (pictured below) adjusts to multiple positions for sitting and gaming. For sleeping, it stays flat or with one section slightly inclined to serve as a pillow. Measurements: 23” wide by 70” long by 8” deep. Eight colours available. Price: $135. Shipping varies.

Choose a functional and pretty guest room design to create a welcoming space for visitors. There are many guest room ideas to achieve the task on any budget.

Inflatable Toast Bed

For the guest with an offbeat sense of humor, host them on some toast! The Inflatable Toast Mattress from Archie McPhee is 6’ by 7’ and looks exactly like a giant piece of toast. Price: $169.95. Shipping is $16.95.

Deluxe Swedish Folding Cot

L.L. Bean’s Deluxe Swedish Folding Cot gets mostly rave reviews on the store’s site, with customers praising the bed’s comfort and ease of set up. A 2-3/4” thick mattress sits atop wooden slats supported by a steel frame. The 26-pound bed measures 16½” high by 76″ long by 31½” wide when open. Folded, it measures 38″ long by 31½” wide by 6″ deep. Price: $119. Shipping is $11.95.

Unless they double as an ottoman, sofa or chair, keep guest beds deflated or folded when not in use and protected against sharp objects while in storage. Nothing lets the air out of a happy visit with friends or relatives like a leaky air mattress.

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