Car Accidents Should Get Legal Review

Car accidents can happen any time, even to the best of drivers. When it’s the other guy’s fault, there is not much you can do other than be prepared ahead of time. Afterwards, once any injuries are seen to, the best thing you can do is talk to an attorney. There may be no one at fault, but if there is, it may take an attorney to determine that for certain. If your car has been damaged or one of your family members injured, you need to make sure your rights are protected and others’ responsibilities are seen to.

Fault or negligence can be the result of many things. Alcohol is a primary example, and one where huge damages can be collected. Other drugs may be part of the equation as well, and that means liability, too. Road-rage can also be a cause for someone to have been irresponsible. There can also be a simple lack of awareness. It often comes down to who broke the law, or who broke the traffic code, and you will need a good attorney to help you figure that out.

You may also have someone else try to blame you when you were not at fault. That is also a time when you need to talk to a good accident attorney. Often those who have made mistakes don’t admit it, and they will go to a lawyer to sue you for damages. You need to have your own protection, even if you did not intend to take legal action in the first place.

If you look at Fayette County, Kentucky, in 2013 they had 18 deaths in car accidents and over 2,000 non-fatal collisions. Over 3,000 collisions happened in parking lots or private roads alone. Those numbers have been coming down in years since, but each one of those cases potentially has a driver at fault, usually two, and sometimes even more. Every one of them should consider legal protection and potential restitution.

Becker Law Office in Lexington has helped many people involved in car accidents protect their rights, property, and health. They can help you figure out what level of fault the different parties may have. There are at least three types of potential fault, pure comparative fault, proportional comparative fault of 51%, and proportional comparative fault at 50%. You can find out more about each oneĀ here.

Not only might an attorney be necessary if legal fault is involved, but also you may need one if your insurance company does not properly respect your claim. There could be problems with their choices for the repairs, or how much they are willing to pay on your health and injury bills. A Lexington car accident victim will need protection from the moment the event happens until all restitution is made. You can focus on getting back to health, helping your family member heal, or getting your car back on the road. You can go to work, while an attorney takes care of your rights.

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