Child Support Lawyer is extremely important for your case

Child Support Law deals with the custody of a child and contribution for his/her well-being. Child support law is considered after a couple separates post-divorce and decision regarding the custody of the child is done. It mandates that both parents shall be responsible for the well-being of their ward irrespective of whether or not they own the custody of the child. Hence, it makes is obligatory that non-custodial parent contributes financially to the rearing of the child.

Why do you need a Child Support Lawyer?

While it might be unavoidable to avoid supporting your child irrespective of the fact that you want to do it or not, the percentage of share can be negotiated. This is where a Child Support Lawyer from My Family Lawyer is absolutely essential to have. Here are a few reasons you would need a lawyer:

  • Your ex-spouse has one – You are more than likely to end up in a worst-case scenario if you plan to fight out your case yourself against a lawyer.
  • You think your child isnt safe – In such a case, do get a lawyer as you can’t afford to risk the safety of your child for saving yourself money. A child support lawyer would exactly know how to deal with such a situation and will be successful in getting at least a stay order.
  • Your ex-spouse inhibits you from seeing your child – Such behaviours are a sign that your ex’s intentions aren’t great and you should consider hiring a lawyer to tackle all the dirty tricks she plays on you.
  • Complications have increased – Sometimes exes take ugly U-turns following an outside-court settlement or you might suspect she is trying to mislead the court in believing that you are not suitable to have the custody of your child. Only an experienced Child support lawyer can save your case in such a situation.
  • Changing situations – Circumstances can change post-divorce and post-custody allocation. You or your ex might be relocating to some different city, state or even a different country. Custody terms will need to change and so will financial burdens for child’s rearing. A child support lawyer would be extremely important in such a scenario.


Individuals can tend to think of child support cases as simple and might often not hire a lawyer. However, there are many technicalities and conditions in the law and often situations can be tricky to handle for someone who isn’t a lawyer. Hence hiring a lawyer is always recommended. My Family Lawyer provides all kinds of assistance regarding child support law.

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