Different Types of Sofa Beds to Add To Your House

Sofa beds are one of the best furniture that you can get for your house. This is because a sofa cum bed serves the purpose of a sofa as well as of a bed. Now, these sofa beds can be of various types about which we are going to learn in this article.

Types of Sofa Beds

These are the different types of sofa beds available in the market:

  1. Inflatable Sofa Beds: There are sofa beds that can be inflated. So, basically you will have to inflate it every time before using it. If you want a sofa bed for regular use then, this might not be the best option because you have to take the pain of inflating it every time. Otherwise it’s very easy to use and is perfect for occasional purposes.
  2. Spring Sofa Bed: this kind of sofa beds are based on the click clack mechanism which means that the cushion portion of the sofa bed can be pushed back in order to convert it into a bed. This type of sofa bed is mostly preferred by families with children because it is light weight and easy to convert.
  3. Pull-Out Sofa Bed: This is the most common type of sofa bed that you will come across. In order to convert it into a bed you need to pull out the mattress from underneath the sofa and that’s how it got its name. A pull-out sofa bed is great option for accommodating guests when you have no extra beds to offer to them. The mattress is usually very big and therefore, you should measure the space before buying one of these. The plus point about this sofa bed is that it already comes with a mattress.
  4. Fold-Out Sofa Bed: A fold-out sofa bed makes a very large bed which is of course very comfortable to sleep in. But, it will demand a lot of space for it to accommodate in. The mattress attached with it is very soft and foamy. The height of these kinds of sofa beds is usually low and hence they are suitable for apartments with a low height. And, it also comes with a built in storage so that you can store the pillows and covers there.
  5. Convertible Sofa Bed: A convertible sofa bed usually looks like a normal sofa but it can be converted into a double bed. And, if you go for a better version of it then, there are convertible sofa beds that can even be converted into bunk beds.

Now, that you know the types of sofa beds available get one for your house according to your choice and give your house an improved look.

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