Disaster Restoration Franchise Opportunities in St Petersburg FL

Disaster isn’t thinking about who it will hit, how, where, or when. It doesn’t care about the impact that it will make on people’s lives. When people’s homes and businesses are affected by a disaster, the building may not even be usable. This is a great time to think about taking advantage of the disaster restoration franchise opportunities in St Petersburg FL.

Everyone hit by a disaster is going to need restoration services, and that means that disaster restoration is a good industry to work in. The general construction industry is typically negatively affected by the economy, but the disaster restoration industry is much more resistant to its whims.

There are about 375,000 residential fires annually, and that translates into about $7.32 billion in average yearly loss because of home fires. These few statistics reflect that owning a franchise in the disaster restoration industry can be a solid business investment because people will always need help getting their properties back to working and livable order after they are damaged.

Our average gross profit margin is about 43 percent, and our average contracts are billed out at nearly $1.5 million. Working in a multi-billion dollar industry, you’re total investment of between $162,755 and $332,220 will quickly turn into profits. If you’re qualified and have infrastructure, you may be able to sign onto multi-unit development agreements. We have territories available around the country right now, so there is a good chance that we have a territory available near where you want to live and work.

As a franchisee, you will receive the support that you need to make headway in growing your business after you open it. We offer training and guidance in everything from the latest industry best practices to marketing plans and tools. We want you to have everything you need to do well and to make a success of your business.

Another reason to own a disaster restoration franchise is that our business model is unique in the industry. We are our own general contractors, so our clients do not have to seek out another contractor to finish up the work that we started when we cleaned up the initial mess. This allows for seamless continuation of the job.

If you’re seeking disaster restoration franchise opportunities in St Petersburg FL, you’ve come to the right place. Take the step you need to a new future by calling or sending us a message today.

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