Do pests live inside of Wilmington?

When you think of the town of Wilmington you most likely do not think of creepy, crawly bugs. Wilmington Delaware is a very classy town filled with great exhibits and many things to do. You can wander through one of their many gardens, attend a museum, or go for a ride on the scenic train in Wilmington. The options for classical entertainment are great in the town of Wilmington.

While the town is very nice and tidy, there are still bugs that live all around the community. In fact, there are so many bugs that there are pest control companies dedicated to pest control in Wilmington.

What pests live in Wilmington?

Because the town is so well kept it is unlikely that you are going to run into a skunk or a raccoon digging through your garbage or scratching at your doors in the night. These types of pests are much more common in cities where there is much garbage and unkept yards and spaces. While you may not see these pests while you are in Wilmington, there is another pest that you may want to be even more concerned about.

We know that the town is filled with classy people who appreciate old history and a calming environment. What is more calming than having a cat live with you or a very well behaved dog to take on a walk with you on Friday evenings? Companion animals are very popular in places like Wilmington and it is very easy to see why.

With house cats or dogs, come a very nasty pest that many people are unaware of until there is a infestation inside of their home. Fleas are a big concern inside of towns like Wilmington. Because there are so many house pets, there are also going to be so many fleas.

Homeowners often miss fleas on their pets until they have affected their bodies personally. In fact, most homeowners do not realize that their pets have fleas until the people inside of the home start breaking out in rashes that resemble small bites.

There are some things that you can do to prevent your pets from getting fleas and bringing them inside your home. First of all, you should always treat your pets for fleas. If you pet starts scratching more often than you are used to or if they are biting at their skin there is a good chance that they may have fleas living inside of their fur.

If you feel comfortable looking into the situation on your own, you can take a fine toothed comb and check your pet’s skin for fleas. If you happen to see tiny flecks on their skin it is likely that they are in fact fleas living on their skin. If the number of fleas is high, we would encourage you to take your pet to the vet to have the fleas addressed and removed from your pet away from your home. If you try and pick the fleas out of your pets hair in your home you risk the chance of the fleas getting away and moving to other locations inside of your home. Taking your pet to vet clinic is the best way to remove fleas from your animal’s skin and keep them from staying inside of your home.

Fleas happen and it is nothing to be embarrassed about. However, if you suspect that your pet may have fleas it is vital that you act quickly so the fleas do not relocate to your couch and bed and bite your body.

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