Don’t Just Play Golf, Love it Like Omari Betts

If you intend to excel in any game the only way to do so is falling in love with it totally so much so that you become passionate about it. Omari Betts is an individual who graduated from Morgan State University who is very fond of the game and hence finds the need to pass on as knowledge of the game as he can. In his leisure time he teaches underprivileged children about the game and mentors them at the First Tee Program at Langston Golf Course in Washington DC.

This is such a fascinating game that it is said that you could fall in love with it while you are 2 years old and continue to love it even when you are 92. In fact, surveys say that it is possibly the only game that can be played on the moon as well. The origin of the game remains debatable and doubtful even to this day. While the /Chinese claim that it originated in their country during the 10th century, at present the Netherlands and Scotland also claim to be the mother of golf.

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Going Back to the Days of Inception- Omari Betts Records It Clear

It is believed that in the beginning the game was played with a simple stick and a ball and the aim of the game was to target the ball into a hole several yards away from where the player started hitting the ball. However, after much debate, it can be said that the first game of golf was played in December 1650 by the Dutch settlers of Fort Orange.

Avid fans of the game like Omari Betts will be thrilled to know that this game is not restricted by any kind of weather, as it is played in the lies during summer, it can also be played on ice as well as on windy days. The game remains the same, what needs to change with the changing weather is the approach of the player.

Playing golf is all about the stance of the golfer, the more perfect your posture the better your chances to score. The present day golf has a total of 18 holes where the player has to target the ball and is forcefully claimed by the Scots that it originated in Scotland. It is also found in history that golf and football were once banned by the King James II of Scotland in 1457 because these games seemed to be distracting men from their military practice.

Over powering all these facts about golf, is perhaps the fact that golf was actually played on the moon by Alan B. Shepherd in 1967 and the golf ball still happens to remain on the moon. Mr. Shepherd had in fact named it as the ‘first lunar Olympics’ because his colleague Edgar Mitchell had also thrown a javelin there.

The name golf is believed to be an acronym of “Gentlemen only, ladies forbidden”; this fact however has been hugely proved futile by the greatest female golfer of all times, Annika Sorenstam.

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