Evoice Provides You The Best Plans On Your Virtual Phone Number

If you are an entrepreneur then you should have a business phone number. Business phone number is really helpful in your daily work life. Employees need it because they have to contact a lot of employees each day. If you do not want your customers to keep on waiting to have conversation with your employee then you must have the virtual phone number from evoice. Evoice provides you with so many different benefits which a business owner can avail and it will be really helpful for the business growth.

There are different plans available and you can choose the best according to your usage.  It has four general monthly plans with different talk minutes in each one. It is a very flexible system and the users can easily use it without any issue in the services. There are many unique features in evoice which other service providers do not have. So you must use once so that you can also avail the benefits of the same. Till now all the users of the evoice have not faced any issue in the services yet. Following are the benefits of the evoice which you can also use are as follows:-

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  • Call distribution – there are two types of call distribution in the evoice. First is ‘sequential’ and the second is ‘semi- simultaneous’. It is a very flexible call distribution system. In the method of semi- simultaneous you can add 5 callers on a call. This is a very superior system where you can talk to a lot of people once at a time. Moreover, the call distribution can also be done automatic. This really helps the employees as they can also set the business hours in evoice. You can set the hours manually according to your need.
  • Web conferencing – the benefit is of web conferencing. It can be sued by the business owners and the employees in the organisation in their daily life. The sound quality is also perfect and there is no problem in the voice quality. It is a very stable connection. Text messages can be sent through your business phone number as these are free in your plans. It is a very easy method to contact anyone wherever they are residing. Call recording, call conferencing, call screening can be done with the virtual phone number of evoice. These are very essential features which a user needs in their daily life. The employees need to transfer the calls to other employee when they themselves are not able to attend the call.
  • Configure the phone numbers – Evoice also provides you the benefit of configuration where you can configure the project teams, phone numbers and departments. This is a very significant feature which lets you configure the entities you want. It is a very high sound quality. You will not face any problem in the voice quality as this is the basic need of the user to have a proper stable connection with no voice delays and no voice corruption.

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