Face to Face Meeting vs Conference Call

Due to advancement in technologies, virtual meetings are replacing face to face meetings as it provides convenience and cost effective to all parties involved in the meeting. Also conference calls have made it simpler and less time consuming for businesses to reach our several stakeholders at once unlike previously where each person had to be contacted individually.

What is face to face meeting?

Previously all participants of a meeting were used to be present at a single location for purpose of attending a meeting. This was known as a face to face meeting

What is a conference call?

Conference calls are is a telephonic call in which there are multiple participants who can communicate simultaneously. Conference calls can have all participants actively participating in the call or where only one person speaks and the other attendees listen.

What is the difference between face to face meeting and conference calls?

In face to face meetings, all participants are attending the meeting in a single location where as in a conference call, a meeting is taking place with the help of technology which allows participants to be in different locations and join the meeting using the mode most convenient to them.

Both these methods have their own pros and cons which can be explained below.

Pros of Face to Face Meetings

  • Participants do not need to pay to attend the meeting unlike conference calls, where attendees might need to pay to subscribe to platform used to conduct conference call.
  • Since its direct and in person, misunderstandings can be avoided and clarified immediately.
  • Chances of distractions are less, especially during discussion of serious matters.
  • Feedback is almost immediate.
  • Creates strong interpersonal relations between the participants.

Pros of Conference Calling

  • Participants do not need to travel to destination of meeting, hence saves time and money
  • Participants can use their preferred medium to attend the meeting.
  • Presentations can be prepared even during conference calls
  • It is cost effective as cost related to renting a space, logistics expenses, arranging equipment etc are not required in conference calls.

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