There are many reasons why people consider turning to a fast house sales company. Whether it is because they have inherited the property, financial hardship or a divorce, the main reason is urgency. If you urgently need to sell, a fast house sales company might be just what you need. You can call this one for free advice. Here’s some of the basics to help work out if this might be the right option for you.


One of the biggest and priority questions is how much it costs to sell your house with one of these companies. While each have their own “mark-up” on the property most will pay the solicitors fees.  Many do not add additional charges to buy your house. Therefore, the price they offer is what you will receive. While any cash offer will be less than the valuation (fast house sale companies are there to make a profit!) there are usually less costs involved.  If you need to sell urgently it can still be the best option – Providing exactly what you need at the right time.


Estate agents can be a bit “enthusiastic” when it comes to valuing your property. Some cash buy companies will use a RDICS chartered surveyor to value your property. The offer they make with be based on this. Different companies have different mark-ups which means the percentage of the value offered is variable. Some companies can provide an “instant” offer online. They have their own algorithms to work out cash offers. Again, the offers can be variable (like their algorithms) so to get a better idea of the cash value of your property, shop around.

Who to Choose?

Obviously, whoever presents the best cash offer within your timescale is going to be the best to choose. However, tread carefully. Make sure you know ALL the costs involved. Companies that have volunteered to join the NAPB (National Association of Property Buyers) and/or The Property Ombudsman are following certain guidelines. Opting for a cash sale company that is a member can provide added assurance when making your choice.

Time Spans

Some companies can buy your house for cash in a week. They literally have money in the bank waiting to buy! How long it takes depends a lot on company protocol. Some are geared towards speed and others not so speedy! Nevertheless, most will complete the purchase within a month.

Weight up the Pros and Cons

To really access whether a fast cash sale is what you need, to resolve the sale of your property, depends on many factors. Urgency is invariably a primary concern. While you will almost certainly receive less than selling through an estate agent, costs are lower. Indeed, for some people waiting in uncertainty for months on end to sell, just for the possibility of a few thousand more, is not the best solution. For those looking at repossession speed can really be “of the essence”. In these circumstances selling for less but fast is often the best path to take. Ultimately, you know your circumstances and if you know your numbers too then a fast house sale company could be just the answer you are looking for – Yes, exactly what you need!

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