Find the Retail Display Creativity of Your Dreams

Point of Purchase displays are an important part of the retail machine. They are explained very well here. Consider POP displays as a sort of in-store advertisement that doesn’t even feel like an advertisement. In fact, customers often simply see them as part of the store’s design. You’ve got merchandise that customers have already come in to browse. Why not dazzle them with a POP display that inspires them to go ahead and complete that purchase?

Companies have been trying to master the art of the POP display for years. What makes for a good display? What makes for a bad display? How do you measure the success of the display itself or tweak its formula to make it more effective? Fortunately, there are B2B companies out there that are more than willing to take on all of these questions and more. You don’t have to do in-house POP displays. You can let a professional take over.

These professionals will have extensive knowledge of POP displays and how to use them most effectively. They will look at your store inventory and determine which items might perform best at which placement in the store. Some items perform very well if they’re seen right before someone checks out. Some items perform better if they’re in a certain department. Since there are many cash registers around most big box retailers, you’ll be able to house these displays close to a register. There are many options to choose from.

Business schools have long since contributed to the body of knowledge about POP displays. They have their philosophies – based on sound research – as to what works in the retail world. Some displays will fail while others will succeed. There is a lot of literature to read about POP displays and what makes for better marketing displays. Any business that wants to succeed at this type of marketing would do well to review some of the literature so that they can have an idea of whether or not they’re hiring an effective agency.

Lots of agencies will clamor for your business, but not all of those agencies will have the ingredients of a successful display creator. First and foremost is experience. If you see a new company, make sure that it’s backed by people who have years of experience in the POP display industry OR that they are staffed with fresh, young minds that have studied the POP display strategy as part of their education. Either way, you need to know something about POP displays before you go in search of a marketing company that specializes in them. That’s the only way you can know if you’re hiring a good agency.

Any good POP display company is going to have a portfolio of their work for you to look over. You can see the success rates of their displays, how those displays fared in your particular industry, and how long they worked with the companies they’re showcasing. Once you have a few of these details, you can make a better decision.

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