Five Places to Take a Cruise in Your BMW

So you are looking for or recently bought a used BMW in Edmonton. Good for you! But keep in mind that BMWs are not just meant to sit in the driveway — you need to take that baby out for a spin every so often.

Your first trip is the most important, as you are building a familiarity with your new vehicle. Here is a list of places you can cruise with your used BMW in Edmonton and the surrounding area:

  1. Cruise into Hawrelak Park

First thing’s first: Make sure there is a festival going on. Hawrelak Park is home base for several festivals and events in the summertime, which means you will have more eyes to feast upon your new car. And about feasting: Pack that trunk with picnic foods and a pair of hiking boots, so you can enjoy yourself in and out of the vehicle.

  1. Get on the road to Calgary

The trip from Jasper to Calgary is supposed to be one of Canada’s most scenic drives. So get to know your new car on the roughly four-hour trip to Jasper, and enjoy the cruise through the mountains. Be sure to take advantage of the many pull-offs available to take in the sights: water, forestry, snowy mountain caps, and the like. Once you get to Jasper, you have about 175 miles of fun in front of you! You may be able to catch the sunset on the return trip, if you decide to turn back right away. If you stick around for a day, you can also…

  1. Hit up the Bandlands

From Calgary, it is a short drive to get to Drumheller, where you can take in the vast badlands on both sides of the Red Deer River. The rock formations in tandem with the bright-blue skies will amaze you. Take it all in and breathe that fresh new-car smell!

  1. Check out Bow Valley Parkway in Banff

Looking to spot some wildlife from the safety of your new BMW? You are likely to spot a bear or lynx in Bow Valley Parkway, which is rated the number three best attraction in Alberta on TripAdvisor. Make sure you view the wildlife from afar, though; you would not want bear cubs to play on the hood of your new car!

  1. Take it slow all the way home

There is something to be said about a casual cruise home. Turn up the radio, roll down the windows and take it easy on the way back to Edmonton. You will be surprised by the beauty that otherwise you might not have noticed. And you might as well stop at a new restaurant while you are at it. Create some memories in your new car — you are likely to be together for years to come.

Canada’s Most Scenic Drive: Banff to Jasper, Alberta

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