Get the Best Results by the Anavar Use

Anavar is an oral steroid that is popular in the sporting community.  It has been used for decades by athletes and bodybuilders to get the right kind of gain in the bodyand must be used in cycles to get the ideal effect. Many different types of reviews highlighting the before and after pictures is present on the different steroidforums. This might attract the first time users to use it. It is important to know more about the steroid use, effects before use to prevent any negative effect on the body.

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Anavar reviews

Anavar is chemically known as Oxandrolone which is a synthetic derivative of the naturally synthesised hormone dihydrotestosterone. There are a few modifications in the parent DHT structure that make it more potent. It contains a modification at the 2nd carbon position where oxygen replaces it in the A-ring. It also contains a methyl at the 17th α-carbon position that leads to more resistance to the metabolic degradation in the body. It had been initially marketed in the 1960s by the Searle and Co. and has been around since then.  It is due to this reason that it has been used in the development of the muscle in the body. Oxandroloneis used in much less in the range of 2.5mg-10 mgin females to get thebody. The best transformation of your physique can be obtainedby clubbing the use of the steroidwith an ideal diet and exercise. The use of the anabolic is widespread as it canbe used by both males as well as females.

Anavar use:  difference before and after

In many cases you might find different before and after pictures of users are circulating on the net. In fact, in many of the steroid forums, you will come across such pictures.  A user can use Anavar to get the right kind of muscle gains in the body, to get that muscular look. Of all the other steroids like Dianabol which is a verified mass gainer, Anavar can be safely used for this process. This anabolic is less toxic to the liver, and the degradation product of it does not lead to estrogen preventing water retention in the body. The use of this steroid has been restricted without a prescription. It is due to this reason that people turn to online sites. It is important to be careful about buying fake products from these online sources as they do not give thedesired effect.

Dosage of Anavar

In males, it is required at a larger dosage of 20-100 mg to get the desired effect. In females, the lower dosage leads to the perfect physique for the loss of body fat. It helps in the development of the different muscles in the body leading to small gains which are required to maintain the toned look. In many cases, male users are disappointed with the gains of mass as for significant increase larger dosage is required. In spite of this Anavar can be used in the cutting cycle for a complete transformation of your physique.  In some cases, people use Oxandrolone with other steroids to get better gains, but the effect of the toned body is unparallel to the use of other steroids.

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