Get the right treatment for hair loss

Growth is a natural process and it is followed by the growth of hair on scalp. It is followed by the natural process of shedding of hair. When this process increases to a great extent it results in baldness. Low esteem and appearance, results in inferiority complex in a person. MCAN Health can be the solution for your problem of baldness.

How does the hair grow?

Hair is made up of protein called keratin which is produced in hair follicle. As the new hair grows the old hair moves above the skin. The hair you see above the skin is the same old hair or you can say the hair we see is the extension of the dead keratin. The shelf life of a hair depends upon the health condition of a person and the stress and other physical and eating habits of a person. The shelf life of the hair is divided into three stages:

  • Anagen: It is the active growth phase of the hair which lasts for two to six years.
  • Catagen: It is the transitional phase of the hair growth which continues for two to three weeks.
  • Telogen: It is the last phase of the hair growth or the resting phase which lasts for two to three months. At the ends of this phase this hair sheds and a new hair is grown the from hair follicle.

Types of hair loss

The phenomenon of hair loss is also known as Alopecia. There are many types of hair loss which occur to a person which are as follows:

Involutional alopacia: This is the natural process in which the number of hairs going to resting phase increases with increase in the age and the replacement of new hair follicles also decreases resulting in decrease in hair line.

Androgenic alopacia: This is the hair loss caused by the genetic conditions .There is no particular time period from when this hair loss occurs. It many start from teen age or from the youth of twenty years.

Scarring alopacia: This type of hair loss is permanent in nature and it is caused by the inflammation of the skin or due to various skin disorders which decreases the capacity of the skin to develop hair follicles naturally.

Types of Hair loss Treatment

There are mainly two types of Hair loss Treatment done. One is FUE hair Transplantation. In this type of treatment hair follicles are taken from the donor site to the scalp. The other type of hair loss treatment is strip harvesting method. In this method strip of skin is removed from the patient’s body and then it is developed into many hair follicle units and then transplanted to the scalp.

Hair Transplant in Turkey is gaining popularity day by day as the treatment cost is quite economical. The cost is further reduced by the subsidy provided by the Government to promote medical tourism in the country. Reduction in the cost of treatment does not mean that the quality of treatment is compromised. It remains the best and could be compared with the world standards.

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