Good Divans With Bases Makes For Healthy Sleeping

Good sleep is a critical component of a healthy life. Without proper sleep, you find that over time it takes a toll on you both physically and mentally. A critical part of this is ensuring that you have the right bed base on your bed to complement the mattress so that not only is it very comfortable to sleep on, but it also increases the mattress’ longevity. Here are the most popular bed base options today which will help you save money when buying cheap divan bed


Divans are quite popular both in the US and UK. Normally, they are upholstered boxes fitted with leg stands for space beneath or castors for mobility. There are few types of divans to choose from. The first being the sprung edge divan which is the most luxurious and comfortable. The next one being the platform top which features a hardboard on top. They are cheaper and firmer.

Slated bases

This type of base is mostly used with bedsteads. These can either be flexible or completely rigid. The flexible ones are mostly made of soft timber which later gets mounted on a frame. This gives the bed some level of springiness which is unavailable on the rigid ones. The slats on the rigid bases usually tend to be larger than the flexible ones. This causes more wear and tear on the mattress as opposed to smaller ones.


These usually come in many styles and designs giving the consumer a lot of choices. These are available in metal, plastics, wood, upholstered or a blend of the three according to your preference. Here, you can choose on several design choices depending on what you have in mind for mattress support and aesthetics. With bedsteads, you have the option to use rigid woven wire, or metal grids or even sprung or fixed slats. The important part is to make sure that your chosen design is compatible with the mattress you have or want especially if the two are not being purchased together.

Adjustable beds

This is an ever increasing popular bed base option. As bedrooms have become a more multi-functional space, it becomes important to have a comfortable bed and that which is adjustable depending on need. Due to their design, they are normally raised higher than normal sleeping positions and might take a little while getting used to. Since they are available in single or double beds, they boast of fully sprung upholstered parts or flexible laminated ones. Because of different designs, there are usually special mattresses for the adjustable beds to offer users maximum use of the adjustability.

Finding the right base is critical to how well you’ll sleep and how long your mattress will serve you before needing a new one. Always ensure the base and mattress are compatible. It might save you a lot of hassles later.

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