Heading towards new horizons in insurance – HDFC ERGO general insurance makes it possible!

Private Sector in insurance companies has made it possible to touch new heights, in respect of undertaking insurance contracts to help their policy holders. After Independence, a new vigour is distinctly visible in India, where insurance companies offer innovative plans of insurance, which was never thought to be possible earlier. The insurance policies issued by HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company stand testimony for this fact.

“Take it easy” – this is the slogan published at their site, meaning policy holders need not worry about anything if they take coverage for their properties against all risks. At times of need, the insurance company will be right there to help them to the maximum possible, to redress their grievances to a great extent.

For example, Indian farmers were doing agriculture for generations, where there is no certainty of income. There is no guarantee that their crops while ripe will come home, and bring in the income for their one whole year. From the time of sowing the seeds to the time of harvest, there appeared many perils.

The rains may not come at the right time. There might be complete draught conditions prevailing all over their region. In contrast, the rivers might flood due to torrential rains in some years, and destroy the crops at the time of harvest or in between. When such natural calamities strike, poor farmers had to forego their income totally.

But not anymore because HDFC ERGO General Insurance online comes to their rescue now, by their innovative method of providing comprehensive insurance cover against a failure of the crops. By taking an insurance policy under Pradhan mantri fasal bima yojana (PMFBY), they can recover the loss of income, when the crops fail for any reason.

The premiums payable on the above policies are very low – 2% for kharif season crops and 1.5% for rabi season crops and just 5% for annual commercial horticultural crops. Besides, the farmers are helped with timely suggestions about seasonal rains, weather conditions and sophisticated methods of agriculture etc., from experts deputed by the Company.

The other insurance plans of HDFC ERGO General Insurance are as follows:

Car insurance:

Policy holders can get their brand new cars or old cars, including commercial vehicles covered against all risks, occurring from internal and external factors. You can buy a comprehensive insurance policy covering all the risks, including third party liabilities at times of accidents, or third party liabilities only as you wish. In this policy, they can avail personal accident insurance as well. Normally, third party liability policies don’t entertain claims for own damage and for the car owner.

There are many add-ons (additional coverage aspects) coming with these policies, including overnight car repair service to get the vehicle back on road, in a jiffy.

Long-term two wheeler insurance:

This is a comprehensive insurance policy covering 1, 2 or 3 years as policy tenure. You save on premium (and hike in premium every year) and also avail third party liabilities insurance.

Travel insurance:

Enjoy overseas travel risk-free with varied options of individual travel, family travel and student travel insurance cover.  You can have a wide range of coverage and vast geographic coverage.

Health insurance:

The policies issued by HDFC ERGO General Insurance are really versatile. Coverage available for individual health, family health, parents health, senior citizen health, innovative my health medisure super top-up and critical illness insurance.

A policy that covers pre-hospitalization expenses, post-hospitalization expenses, life long renewability, no restrictions on entry age, free health checkups for senior citizens, and lump sum benefit in case of critical illness etc.

Personal accident insurance:

This policy provides the much needed financial assistance to you and your family members at times of unfortunate accidents. The aftermath of an accident can be anything like bodily injuries, incapacitation or even death. At these sorrowful eventualities, the insurance policy assures financial security readily.

Home insurance:

Every owner is sentimentally attached to his home. Building a home according to the wishes of each and everyone in the family, people want to preserve the memories of the home always. Assuming some damage happens due to natural or man-made calamities, the residents feel pretty bad about it. This home insurance policy covers every loss including the contents inside the home.

Specialty insurance:

This is really an innovative coverage, namely professional and management liability providing insurance for companies, firms, commercial organizations, their directors, officers and general employees. This policy offers protection from cyber security to kidnap/ransom and extortion perils. This is exclusively available only at HDFC ERGO General Insurance.

If you want to buy any policy from HDFC – all you need to do is contact Coverfox portal.

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