Houston Truck Accident Attorney

If someone you love or you yourself have been involved in a truck accident, you should contact a Houston truck accident attorney. If you sustained any injuries, you might be liable for an injury claim where you will get compensation for your pains and medical bills. The procedure of collecting compensation from the party at fault can be complex, but an expert attorney will help you through the process.

Such claims are usually directed at the truck company and not the driver behind the wheel. An attorney with experience will be most helpful in dealing with such claims against large-scale offenders like the company. You should go for a lawyer that has experience with handling such claims with large companies and big insurance agencies.

Always remember that you have legal options if you have been in a medium scale or critical car-truck accident. You should call a lawyer to help you recover the best possible compensation.

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How can a Houston truck accident attorney help?

A truck accident lawyer we will be of great help in establishing liability for the claim, make sure compensation is gotten from the relevant parties and gather all the necessary evidence to reinforce the claim.

The insurance company and the truck company will begin an immediate investigation of the accident scene when it happens. They have a set procedure to handle situations like this, and they always try to limit the compensations they give out.

If the authorities in the state launch an investigation, it might be of help to your claim. A good truck accident attorney will get specialized professionals to assist with the official investigation or carry out the entire investigation professionally. They will:

  • Talk with witnesses.
  • Talk to medical staff.
  • Evaluate and analyze medical records.
  • Evaluate available camera recordings.
  • Analyze compulsory accident reports and police reports.
  • Call on experts to rebuild the scene of the accident and recreate the whole thing.

Who is liable for injuries?

Different parties could be liable for any injuries sustained from a truck accident. A Houston truck accident attorney can help you identify them. Here are some possible parties:

  • The truck owner
  • The leasing company owner
  • Employer of the truck driver
  • The truck driver
  • Company that leased the truck
  • Company that leased the trailer
  • The owner of the attached trailer
  • Manufacturer of the trailer, truck and other parts

How an attorney works

A good truck accident attorney will have experience with such cases and must have handled difficult cases in the past. They will be able to identify the liable parties for the injuries. The lawyer will investigate the case thoroughly and give you a good chance at compensation.

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