How Getting an Endocrinologist Can Help

Are you confused as to why you or a family member was referred to an endocrinologist in Middletown, NY by your primary care doctor? Endocrinologists are specialists in conditions related to hormones, such as diabetes or thyroid problems. There are several reasons why your primary care physician doesn’t continue any type of treatment for the medical issues listed above, without the use of an endocrinologist.

Endocrinologists Are Specialists

Your primary care doctor may be fantastic, but that doesn’t mean he is equipped to deal with all medical situations. Endocrinologist spend many years thoroughly studying conditions related to hormones, and they are aware of which treatments work the best under different circumstances. ┬áThis doesn’t mean your regular doctor can’t diagnose your condition and give some level of treatment, he may just recognize that you also need someone on board with special knowledge and in-depth experience.

Endocrinologists Can Help More People

Not everyone’s body responds to treatments the same way, and not everyone’s disease progresses the way doctors might predict. Patients sometimes find that they have tried all the treatments regularly prescribed for their condition but they do not get good results. Because of their specialized knowledge of hormonal conditions, endocrinologists are aware of additional treatments that can help these patients. They might also understand better than other doctors how patients’ other conditions might be interfering with the treatment for their hormone-related illness.

Up to Date Knowledge

We are still learning every day about hormonal conditions and what treatments work best. Endocrinologists stay current on these changes, and most importantly stay current on new treatments and how they might be effective for certain patients. A general care physician can’t stay current on changes regarding every disease, and so they rely on specialists such as endocrinologists to keep up.

Cooperation with Your Current Doctor

Some people hesitate to visit and endocrinologist Middletown, NY because they are afraid they will have to stop seeing their regular doctor that they know and trust. When your doctor refers you to an endocrinologist, they are offering the chance of a partnership to best address your needs. Not only does the endocrinologist have specialized knowledge, he might note things about your condition that your doctor wasn’t aware was an issue.

If you have a hormonal condition and your primary care physician suggests you also visit an endocrinologist, take that very important advice. The most important thing is that you get the best overall care to treat your condition. An endocrinologist has the medical training and up-to-date knowledge to give you just that, and he will do it in conjunction with your current doctor.

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