How to choose trend wedding hair comb for my bridal updo ( 2019 )

Bridal hair combs are an extremely popular headpiece option with brides worldwide. Ornate and intricate, a wedding hair comb is a metallic wedding hair accessory with narrow teeth that can be fixed to the hair by sliding it into position. The exposed part of the comb is usually decorated with floral designs or shimmering gemstones, adding eye-catching detail to bridal hairstyles.

But how to choose trend wedding hair comb for bridal updo in 2019

Ok,let’s break down;

1#:For the party, you can remove the veil and keep the brooch as part of your hairstyle. Floral designs made of brass heighten your headdress details, giving you a delicate look, perfect for a daytime wedding.

2#:Not every bride wants a conservative style; there’s plenty of options for natural style enthusiasts. Ask a florist to use a common hair comb to add a tiny detail with the same kind of flowers as your bouquet’s.

3#:Available in a variety of sizes, brides will find an ideal bridal hair comb to match their personal style.  If the comb is to be worn as a standalone item, a larger design can be worn as a beautiful statement piece. Smaller hair combs partner well with wedding veils, giving the bride the option to remove her veil after the ceremony and still look stunning.

4#:Hair combs work best sweeping up hair away from the face, or to accentuate the elements of a chic chignon or bun.

5#:A hair comb of this color does the job for contrasting with details of your style, such as the makeup. Additionally, it’ll be helpful to keep with the tradition. Ask your relatives, they might have the one you require in the exact tonality or with inlay works of sapphire gems.

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