How to Make Extra Money Without a Regular 9-to-5

Many Americans are feeling financially strapped, which is probably why many are looking for alternative solutions. Some people are working multiple jobs, but that can be a little much for some people. The following are some things you can try that won’t force you to go back to a regular nine-to-five.

The Shared Economy

One of the most effective ways to make some extra money is to join the shared economy. Several companies allow you to make some extra cash by sharing what you already own. For example, there are car-sharing gigs that allow you to become a driver for others. You set your own hours and make some cash. Other companies allow you to rent out your car when you are not using it. You can also rent out a room in your house. In short, there are a number of things you can lend or do.

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Sell Stuff

Another option you have is selling stuff from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is purchase items that are worth something and start selling them. You can start by using some of the online e-commerce sites where you are allowed to sell consumer to consumer. You want to make sure you take everything into account when pricing your item, like the time you spent looking for the items and how much other sellers are selling similar items for. You do not have to keep regular hours doing this, so it should fit into your schedule a little easier.

Simple Business

There probably is one or two ideas in your head that you would love to startup, and this is your chance. You want to keep your business small and simple so that you can easily add it to your schedule. For example, you can start a clothing line from home since all you need is a good supply of clothes and a good screen printing company to get started. Make sure that you think of a logo that is simple rather than complex, which is easier to remember.

Mystery Shopping

Some people might find it rewarding to become a mystery shopper. Once again, you get to set your own hours and do a lot of things you normally would do. Some of these jobs ask you to go to regular department stores and simply pose as a regular shopper. You will usually need to take note of an employee’s conduct and the way you are treated as a customer. There is a report that will need to be filled out at the end of the day, but it is usually relatively short.

Now, you know a few ways to make some extra cash when you feel a little strapped. None of these gigs have to be permanent, so you can stop working when you feel like you need to. Hopefully, some of these ideas work for you and help you avoid a regular job where commitment is necessary.

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