How to Secure Bail Bonds in Houston

If you are in need of bail bonds Houston, TX, it’s important to understand the process to get through it quickly and easily. Here is a quick outline of how to secure a bail bond.

If a judge sets a bail amount, there are several option to avoid remaining in custody for the duration of a trial, which can take weeks, months and even years. Paying cash immediately is known as being bailed out. If this is not possible, the amount can be secured through a bail bonds company and this is known as being bonded out. Either way is used to assure the court that the defendant will appear as required by the case.

Bail amounts vary and can sometimes be unaffordable. A high bail amount may be set for many reasons including the severity of the crime, the risk of flight of the defendant or risk to the community. However, even modest bail amounts can be difficult for some people to meet.

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This is where a bail bonds service can help.

The Difference Between Bail and Bonds

We know that bail is the amount of money used as security to assure the court that the defendant will attend court dates. When the defendant cannot provide the funds, many turn to a bail bond company. This company acts as an insurance company, putting up a portion of the amount with a guarantee to the court that the rest will be paid if the defendant does not appear. This is called the bond.

How to Secure Bail Bonds Houston TX

Determine the Bail Amount

If you do not already know the bail amount, contact the clerk of the court where the defendant is being held. You will need identifying information such as legal name, birthdate, and/or legal address. If you do not know where the defendant is or cannot obtain this information, a bail bond company can help you with this step.

Contact Your Bail Bonds Service

Once you know the amount, your bail bonds service in Houston TX will assist you in processing your bail bond. There are several types of service depending on the amount and the type of collateral. Express service can be completed in as little as fifteen minutes and usually available twenty-four hours a day. The defendant, or a co-signer will need to put up 10% of the bail amount and the bail bond company will provide the other 90% based on collateral you provide.


Collateral is property that is used in place of the bail money. Bail bonds work just like credit from a bank. Collateral can be any asset, including a house, jewelry, car or other asset with value. You will work with the bail bond service to secure the collateral.


Once the bail bond service pays the required amount, the defendant should be released. In some cases, this happens within a few hours, but in some jurisdictions, it can take up to sixteen hours

If you need bail money but don’t have the cash, a bail bonds company can help.

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