How Upgraded Nurse Call Systems Improves the Hospital

Implementing an upgraded nurse call system in the hospital can do a number of things for patient care and improved nurse productivity and allows hospitals to further study areas of improvement.

The technology in these systems allows for the hospital to customize their response plan for patient needs. It’s no longer just a system where a patient clicks a button and a light at the nurse station illuminates, alerting that there is a problem. With older systems, the light would not indicate what the problem could be. Now hospitals can act appropriately and quickly to the request by seeing what a patient needs ahead of time. 

When nurses are able to respond faster, patient satisfaction improves.  Patients that are responded to faster usually perceive their pain management at a much better level, allowing them to feel satisfied with their overall hospital visit. Patient satisfaction is a contributing factor in the success of a hospital. When a patient is satisfied they and their family members are more likely to recommend a hospital to friends and acquaintances. If the hospital gets more recommendations, they are likely to see more patients.  Consistency is crucial when it comes to patient care. It is important to ensure that patients feel cared for during their entire visit or stay.

A traditional setup would create a system with a lot of beeps. When nurses aren’t chasing the beeps with a new system they can spend more time with patients and the patients can feel more confident in their health care team, further increasing patient satisfaction.

Today nurse call systems can alert the team if a patient tries to get out of their room or leave the area, providing a valuable asset in patient location and patient safety.

Nurse call systems can do more than just improve patient care.  It can also improve these areas of hospital management:

  • Room Turnover
  • Dietary
  • Patient Arrival
  • Critical Events (such as a Code Blue)

Another benefit is that nurse productivity also rises when these systems are installed. Nurses are better able to manage their time and workload and thus are able to provide high quality care to patients. If the system is wireless they no longer have to monitor a station to receive calls or alerts and can be working on other tasks, further increasing productivity.

These upgraded systems will provide reporting and show time stamps that can be analyzed. Studying these reports will show further improvements that can be made. If the hospital studies the reports then they know what areas need improvement and can keep further increasing patient satisfaction and nurse productivity. Tailoring reports to hospital goals will allow the hospital to see the specific return on investment and while establishing higher patient care standards.

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