How You Can Protect Your Vehicle This Summer

Whether you have several road trips scheduled or the longer days simply cause you to drive around town more – it’s safe to say that your vehicle gets a great deal of wear during the summer months. Ensure you know what to do to protect your car.

Inspect the Tires

Just as the cold can have an impact on your tires, so can the heat. During the summer, the heat can cause the pressure level in your tires to increase. When tire pressure is elevated, less of the tire touches the ground.

The result is less traction, reduced stopping power and less control of the vehicle. While you can’t escape the heat, you can protect yourself by periodically checking the pressure level in your tires and making any adjustments when necessary.

Check the Oil

If you haven’t had your oil changed in a while, don’t wait until the middle or end of the summer to do so. Have a Toyota oil change Baltimore performed early. One function of oil is to keep the engine properly lubricated, without lubrication the engine can stall, and even fail.

The hotter the engine temperature, the greater the wear on the oil. Since the heat outside can further elevate the temperature of your engine, oil that is already in bad shape simply won’t be able to perform at the level necessary, putting your vehicle at risk for costly repairs.

Slow Down

Just as you’re likely driving more during the summer, so are other drivers. Protect your vehicle and your safety by slowing down. If there are a lot of vehicles on the road and you’re driving too fast, stop and go driving will only put more wear on your transmission and your brakes.

When you drive slower, you don’t have to worry about stopping as often. Driving slower will also reduce your accident risk, which is always a bonus.

From having a Toyota oil change Baltimore performed to slowing down, these tips will protect your vehicle, help save you money and most importantly, keep you safer on the road. Make certain you’re summer ready.

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