Hydroponic Growing Tips and Tricks

Through growing hydroponically for many years using hydroponic kits and equipment, we have learnt many great tips and tricks in which today we are going to share with all. Many people try growing using hydroponics once before learning the ways to and fail, leaving them to never try again, which is a huge shame – and this is where we hope our tips will be helpful. These tips should be read by all looking to take up hydroponic growing and looking for ultimate success.

Lack of knowledge, lack of ability and lack of discipline are all things in which lead to people ending their hydroponic journeys abruptly, however we are hoping that these tips can stop this from happening. If you are looking to have the most successful hydroponics garden possible, you must read the following tips at your peril…

Best Hydroponic Gardening Tips

  • Determine what equipment you are going to need to grow hydroponically and learn why you need each piece of equipment, how each component will benefit your growth
  • Before growing any plants you should learn what the nutritional requirements are so that you can provide them with exactly what they need
  • Learn the light/photoperiod requirements of the plants that you wish to grow
  • Be sure to use professional nutrients instead of the cheapest ones you can find – the nutrients you use really do make a difference
  • Before you start to grow anything you should ensure that you have a written plan/feeding schedule to follow – and you should follow this to every detail
  • Make sure you have all of the equipment and nutrients that you are going to need before you start your growing process
  • Keep the ballasts for your lighting in a separate room
  • Every day you must check and adjust your nutrient reservoir solution to ensure that it is working to its full potential
  • Make sure that there isn’t too much light exposure to your nutrient solution
  • At all times have a reservoir of plain water waiting for your next nutrient change, so that your plants don’t have to go without for longer than they need to
  • Completely change your water and nutrient mix every two weeks – at least
  • Use digital timers to control your dark periods and be sure to make your dark periods 100% uninterrupted
  • Between crops you should clean and sterilise your entire hydroponics system
  • Do not allow pets near your hydroponics system and do not go near your hydroponic setup if you have been in another garden or outside
  • Shower and ensure that you are wearing fresh clothes before going near your hydroponic garden and make sure any visitors follow the same rules

These are only some of the tips to follow when looking for ultimate hydroponic success too. If you would like more or have any questions please do not hesitate to visit your local hydroponics store who should be more than happy to help you.

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