Is it essential to have an evidence for steroid abuse??

If an individual peruse fan forums or sports media, he may encounter a number of individuals asking the same question. There are a number of bodybuilders, who make use of steroids, so as to keep their body in a massive size.

The individuals can get an evidence of the steroid abuse with an instance of the career of the Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar started his career as a collegiate wrestler. He has won several championships. He has a win and loss record of 106-5 in his career during his four years of college. He signed for WWF in the year 2000. He had spent two years before moving up to the main roster and appears in the Monday raw. He held the record of the youngest wrestler to win the title of WWE for the time.

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Lesnar has been in both WWE and UFC doing whatever that suited him the best. He became the WWE champion in the universe despite the part time role in the WWE. The Brock Lesnar retired after UFC 141 and had rejoined after sometime in UFC 200 showing a more remarkable and muscled Brock Lesnar. He had failed two drug tests before and on the day of the UFC 200 match.

The first test was taken in the month of June and the second was taken on the day of match, i.e. on 9th July. As per the studies, most of the steroids can be only detected for two to three weeks after using them. The tests of the Brock Lesnar did not test positive for steroids, but another banned substance to steroid called clomiphene (clomid). The clomiphene is used to treat infertility in women. When using steroids, it is much safer for the body, if used in a cycle.

This is where post cycle therapy comes in. The steroids suppress the natural production of testosterone. This can lead to decline in a health, as well as losing much of gains you made from the steroids. The body of men produces more testosterone and the women produce more estrogen. Whenever an individual stop using steroids, the body of an individual produce more estrogen.

As per different individuals, the Brock Lesnar had ordered steroids from a company that was under the investigation of the police. When Brock Lesnar came to pick up the package, the police were tracking the shipments.

Perhaps the most compelling evidence of steroid abuse suggested that Brock Lesnar is using steroids. The package traced by the police stated that after being checked at the lab, the tests revealed that they were not steroids. The individuals are suggested that if they are taking steroid, it should be taken for a limited period of time and in a recommended dosage. The Brock Lesnar and his wife had a child. It was considered that both of them had taken risk with his career for the issue of fertility. So, the individuals are recommended to consult a doctor before starting taking steroids.


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