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Mail services from Royal Mail play a huge part in the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your enterprise. If you are still using stamps or a standard franking machine with basic mail services then please read on to learn about how you can optimise operations.

Mailmark mail services and business mail not only reward accuracy and embrace smart technology but aid professionalism, marketing needs, customer service requirements and decrease time demands and overheads.


Franked mail is treated as business mail. A stamped item travels through the mainstream mail system but business mail often receives a swifter service. This can be vital if you’re aiming to beat rivals, increase customer loyalty and optimise interaction. Have confidence that your post can travel smoothly through the Royal Mail network and deliver your promises.

The smart franking machines on the market through Royal Mail partners offer the best performance tools with the lowest Royal Mail pricing tariff called Mailmark.

Cost variance between methods:

  • 1st class stamp: 65p
  • Standard franking 1st class: 57p
  • Mailmark franking 1st class: 55p

Purchase or lease franking machines

Smart franking machine lease agreements stipulate that all consumables are purchased from the lease company. This means you receive only fit for purpose items and not cheap and cheerful alternatives which could damage the machine or hamper processing. Enjoy online account management and add credit or place orders 24/7.

Smart franking machines are not as expensive as you may believe: A lease of £19.99 per month equates to £239.88 per annum and Mailmark eligible smart franking machines boast VAT reclaim benefits, the processing of all mail on site and considerable savings.

The smart franking machines employ a readable 2D barcode. Reporting and visibility tools are accurate and invaluable. The older machines are not Mailmark eligible so costs are greater and the franked mail has a crown and die image which cannot be tracked.

Below is an example of a smart franking machine, available from Royal Mail partners including IMS Franking.

The SendPro 3000 – high usage:

  • Processes up to 310 items per minute.
  • Is Mailmark compliant.
  • 7kg weighing platform – 35kg optional.
  • Colour printing, this is perfect for marketing.
  • 1200 dpi print quality.
  • 15” Colour touchscreen operation.
  • Weigh on the way.
  • Dimensions on the way.
  • 1000 cost centres, 3000 optional.

Could you be eligible for Royal Mail’s Business Mail service rewards?

This is a service directed towards high volume Royal Mail users who have post runs which exceed 500 items. Eligibility requirements must be met before a licence is issued to the user.

The idea is that the more attention to detail that a client pays to address and post code accuracy for sorting and readability purposes, the greater the reward from Royal Mail for making their task easier which in turn maximises service levels.  Business Mail offers a graduated saving dependant on the level of accuracy. A 95% accuracy level results in a higher discount than a 90% accuracy rate.

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