Mark Arabo Tries to Relate The Joy Of Giving Which Goes Much Beyond Money

Mark Arabo feels that one would get more positive energy when they indulge in the act of giving or helping others. There is nothing like money is involved in giving, and philanthropy is more than just giving fat cheque.

Many people are involved in charities, and they usually set up charity trusts, and they also get involved in events and try to change the society they are in. There are many business magnet personalities like Bill Gates who has involved in charities from the bottom of their heart. Honestly, rich business people will not have enough time at their disposal to involve in charities, and they will be doing this by making time for it because they love to give.

There are many people involved in charity because they like to do selfless acts that change the society and many people will be doing this without bothering to get anything back in return. According to Mark Arabo, those who give from the bottom of their heart is sure to get help from many people when they face trouble.

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Mark Arabo on donations without involving money

Donations need not be money only, and one can spend quality time. Assume that you have time and you can take your child and family to an orphanage and indulge in some games with the children there. You can teach them school lessons that they may need, and you can even tell stories and help children have a great time with you, and it is bigger than just giving a big fatty cheque and coming back.

One can volunteer virtually and can share information about the people plight that they face after a nature fury, and one should promote news by understanding the authenticity also. There are times when one can donate books, and one can donate used clothes, and if possible, it is better to buy original clothes and original books.

Blood donation and promoting blood donation and ensuring that one will not litter in public places are all signs of involving in donation without having to spend money. Helping an old person in maintaining their home and helping a person in charity is a sure method to help others in need and spending some quality time with patients in a hospital is another method of helping others.

Cancer patients globally will like to spend some time with positive people around them and same thing happens with depressed people. Depressed people will get more energy when they get chance to laugh their heart out and that is more soothing and positive than
just donating a big money

Donation of skills is better than cheque

Mark Arabo feels that it is better to share the knowledge with others. If one is an engineer, one can make products that change society. One should not ignore the homeless people and a simple donation of warm wool cloth and give a cup of hot tea/milk/coffee will do wonders. Even donating solar lanterns can change the life of needy people. Making sure that family participate in this is more than good thing as an act of helping others is transferred to next generation.

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