Matched Betting Leads to Outsized Profits

The explosion of sports betting worldwide has led to some unique profit opportunities for sports bettors, even those who do not necessarily know that much about sports. Similar to financial securities, the proliferation of different venues to place wagers has led to opportunities to make money, much like an investor engages in arbitrage between multiple markets. Here, the practice of matched betting has enabled bettors to make quick, substantial and guaranteed profits.

Given that the United States Supreme Court has just legalized sports wagering, competition among wagering outlets for the gambling dollar is fierce. As states start to allow sports wagers to be accepted in their casinos, established bookmakers face the prospect of losing clients to local venues. To attract customers, wagering outlets offer new customers, or sometimes even existing customers, incentives to make deposits into their wagering accounts. Matched betting is the use of these free bets to make a guaranteed profit and capture the value of the free bet. Since it is about to get a whole lot easier to bet on sports in the United States, the opportunities to profit through matched betting will increase.

Matched betting works using hedging techniques, to ensure that the bettor is able to retain the free bet. The customer makes a wager using the free credit. The customer then places a wager on the opposite side of the original bet at another betting venue, sometimes using a free credit from the other venue as well. Either way, the customer can retain some of the free credit that they received from one of the two gambling venues.

There are programs in existence that teach bettors how to successfully engage in the practice and guides them in how to make money using matched betting. There are suchcompanies in Australia like Matched Betting from the Cash Kings that help in this endeavor. Some of these services point out both sides of the bet, providing comparison tables for bettors to use when placing matched bets. Those that are well-versed can engage in the practice on their own manually. Usage of matched betting is widespread in Europe, where gambling has been part of the local landscape for years. The sport of soccer is very well-suited for matched betting, as there are three different possible outcomes to a soccer match.

Even when a bettor has completely exhausted welcome credits from bookmakers, there are still ways to profit from matched betting. Bookmakers continually give customers wagering credits, even for existing accounts, to keep customers wagering. These can be utilized by the bettor to continuously engage in matched betting.

Surprisingly enough, bookmakers do not automatically seek to suppress the practice of matched betting because the free credits are getting customers in the door and using their services. Bookmakers, in general, police their own markets well, and they are able to stop customers from engaging in suspicious practices that ultimately detract from the bookmakers’ bottom line. Thus, the practice shows no signs whatsoever of decreasing in popularity.

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