Must-Have Qualities of Successful Recruiters

Recruiting is a challenging process and it is also a competitive one. Not everyone can be a recruiter. When businesses are looking for recruiters, they want to hire people who are capable and trustworthy. But, what exactly makes recruiters successful? There are some must-have qualities that set good and reliable recruiters apart from the unprofessional ones. Let’s take a look at them:

  • The ability to build relationships

Recruiting is a personal process. It involves dealing with people from a wide array of backgrounds every single day. Therefore, recruiters have to have people skills that go beyond being personable and outgoing. They have to be able to make a personal as well as professional connections. Recruiters should be those who enjoy meeting new people because their ability to build relationships are key to forging the feeling of familiarity and comfort that can make clients and job recruiters trust them.

  • Confidence

Recruiters need to exude confidence of their own if they want to gain the confidence of job seekers and businesses alike. As a recruiter, a person has to participate in a lot of cold calling and have to convince clients that they are qualified to fulfill their staffing needs. A successful recruiter will be confident and self-assured.

  • Reliability

A number of interactions that recruiters have with clients are about making promises and then also following through. Good recruiters cannot just make empty promises. They have to assure their clients that if they claim to be operations recruiters, then really have the right network to find the best candidates in this category. When reliable recruiters promise to deliver six resumes in a week, they need to do exactly that.

  • Professionally persistent

The most successful recruiters know exactly how persistent they have to be without crossing a line. They know that the ideal candidate cannot be recruited on the first call so they know that they need to do a follow up in the right time frame, with a clear message and right temperament. Persistence can pay off in the long run, as long as it is done right. Whether they are manufacturing recruiters or executive ones, they cannot be pushy, aggressive or disingenuous or else they will kill their reputation and lose their credibility.

  • Adaptability

The skill to change, adapt and be flexible is a key quality that can only be found in the best recruiters. They have to adjust and adapt their communication style depending on the needs of their client and the candidate. Good recruiters shift their approach according to the changes in the job market and are always open and ready to learn about new technologies that can affect the markets they serve. If a recruiter is rigid and has a difficult time changing and adjusting their thinking, they will not be able to last for long.

Apart from these qualities, recruiters need to have excellent communication and listening skills, manage their time well and also be able to maintain their honesty and integrity in order to find the best candidate for any vacancy.

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