Neighbors Have Termites? 4 Signs of Termites to Check for Around Your Home

Termites San Jose are every homeowner’s worst fear, and hearing that your neighbor is dealing with an infestation means that one may be occurring in your home. Unfortunately, termites are one type of pest that is hard to track down since they live deep within the structure of your home. However, seeing any of these signs means that it is time to call a professional to deal with your infestation.

Seeing Signs of a Swarm

It is rare to see a termite, unless its swarming season. During a swarm, reproductive termites come out of their nest to find a mate. When they do, you might notice them flying around in the evening or morning hours. You might also find a pile of shed wings after they have finished mating. Either way, when you see a termite San Jose families know to assume there are more in the house.

Hearing Strange Sounds

Severe termite infestations can sometimes be heard. This will sound like a scratching sound emanating from your walls, floors or attic. When you hear this noise, you can be certain that the wooden structures of your home are being destroyed because this is the sound termites make as they bore their holes. You might also notice that wood in your home sounds hollow when you tap it if termites have started to eat through the inside.

Feeling Changes In Your House

When it comes to dealing with a termite San Jose homeowners find that acting quickly is the only way to avoid serious damage. Allowing an infestation to fester means that you will eventually begin to notice major problems with your home such as soft areas beneath your hardwood floors that buckle or squeak as you walk. You may also find that your home’s windows and doors become difficult to open and close because of the damage that the termites have done.

Discovering Frass

Frass is just termite droppings that often exist near the entrances to their tunnels. At first glance, it looks like sawdust since that’s essentially what it is, but you should be wary if you see mounds in areas where no recent woodworking has been done. Often, this is found in the corners of the attic or along your walls wooden studs, and it means that termites have been eating through your wood.

The thought of getting termites is enough to send you running to check all of the wood, and that is a good thing to do. Typically, termites exist within neighborhoods, and having them next door means that they could have traveled to you. As you inspect your home, make sure to schedule a professional inspection to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your house is pest-free.

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