Planning To Visit Kolkata From Delhi? Here Is How You Can Fly With Minimum Cost

Kolkata is a famous city in India which people often call the “cultural capital of India” The city has many impressive and popular artists, poets and writers. Geographically, you can find Kolkata on Hooghly river bank which is the oldest port in India. The city ranks third amongst the populous cities you can find in India, yet it is still growing rapidly.

There are many great places and great sightseeing sports in Kolkata like the Indian Museum, Kalighat Temple, Victoria Memorial, Marble Palace, Eden Gardens, Dakshineswar Temple and Nicco Park. Also, there is an impressive mix of both the past historical existence and the present lifestyle. You will see some British-Raj era buildings, dilapidated colonial buildings and much urban architecture. In fact, a first-time visitor may find it all intimidating yet come out with the greatest experience of his life.

The truth is that the city of Kolkata is worth a visit and no matter how many times you go there, the beauty and experience will always remain fresh. There are many ways to get to the city of Kolkata, but the easiest and the cost-effective route to follow is from Delhi to Kolkata. To get to the city from Delhi, it will take 1307 kilometers on air which may be like a 2 hour, 10 minutes or 15 hours 45 minutes depending on whether you took a stopover flight or a non-stop flight.

If you want to travel from Delhi to Kolkata flights at lowest airfare, there are certain things you can do to go there with minimum cost.

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  • Compare Airfares of Several Airlines

Many airlines offer flights regularly from Delhi to Kolkata. Domestic airlines like GoAir, Air India, SpiceJet, IndiGo, JetLite and Jet Airways, are available for you to travel to the city. Every week, there are 209 flights from Delhi to Kolkata of which JetLite offers 20, SpiceJet has 15, GoAir offers 7, Jet Airways offer 26 weekly flights, Air India offer 31 while IndiGo has 110.

Don’t just book a flight to Kolkata without comparing the flight deals and discount of these airlines. By doing so, you can select the lowest airfare and reduce the cost of your traveling. Comparing the offers of these airlines is very easy through the Internet.

  • Buy Your Flight Ticket 45-60 Days Before Your Travel Date

It is always better to book your flight many days before your travel date. Not just a day or a week ahead but book it like one or two months if you are sure that you must make the journey. If you book a flight ticket a day or two before, don’t be surprised that you may pay double of what it should have been 60 days behind the date.

  • Book Your Flight On Tuesday, Thursday Or Saturdays

After investigating the best days of the week to book a flight from Delhi to Kolkata, make your bookings on either of Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. On these days, you can get good offers and spend less for your travel. However, the best day to get a cheap flight to Kolkata is Tuesday. So the next time you want to go, book your flight on Tuesday.

  • Book Your Flight In March

This idea may sound farfetched but if you are planning a trip from Delhi to Kolkata after March, book your flight in March to get the cheapest airfare. The idea is always to book a ticket like three months before the date. So, if you want to travel by June, book your ticket by March and get it cheaper than later.

  • Take A Multi-Stop Flight

You may sacrifice your convenience and time, but you can save up to 20-60% when you take a multi-stop flight from Delhi to Kolkata instead of a direct flight. A direct flight may be short and take less than three hours but a multi-stop flight may take longer, but it will be cheaper.

  • Travel Between July And August

To choose a visit between July and August is another way visiting Kolkata from Delhi at a minimal cost. These two months is when you will get the cheapest airfare from several airlines. If you don’t have an urgent work or business, you can plan your trip around these months and save some dollars from your trip.

  • Round Trip Versus One-Way Flight

Many people often wonder if they can get cheaper airfares if they take just a one-way ticket instead of a round-trip air ticket. Well, the difference between the two about Delhi Kolkata flight is almost non-existent. In fact, it is even easier to buy a round-trip ticket than a one-way ticket because the former follows a simple process. However, to save some dollars no matter how small, book a one-way ticket instead of the round-trip alternative.


Just remember that you can book your flight from Delhi to Kolkata online at the comfort of your home. Use the best website to get the necessary information about available flights, ticket prices, best travel days and schedule.

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