Production Designer – the Key Person on a Film Set

While watching a film or theatre, pondering on how the film was made is a rare thought that crops up in the minds of the audience. But, perhaps that is the most appropriate thing to consider and the best way to appreciate any film. The hard work of all those working behind the scenes is what helps in enhancing the performance of the actors in front of the camera.

It is an unfortunate thing that although it is these ‘behind the curtain people’ who are doing the major part of the job, the people onscreen are the ones who get the applauses and the accolades. Has it ever come to your mind the kind of hard work that a production designer has to put to actually make things work for a particular film or theatrical performance?

David Berkowitz Chicago who is a North Carolina based production designer as well as a diehard fan of baseball and the Chicago Cubs, will be able to clearly identify the tremendous amount of hard work that people like him have to do in order to make a successful film. His success as a production designer is driven by his zeal for the work and his inherent nature of being attracted to detail and gritty. He works both in front of camera and behind it.

The responsibilities of a production designer encompass a whole world of this; right from arranging a meeting with the producer and director to putting into life all the plans and thoughts he/she has framed in the mind after the production briefing. It is only after the designer understands the requirements of the film properly that he will be able to guide the other workers involved in the production process.

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Among the responsibilities of a production designer the negotiation of the fees of an agent is also involved. Reading the script, carrying out research work to be able to gather information on the subject and use it accordingly and appropriately, monitoring and planning the budget of the project, providing the model drawings for the set, are among some of the tasks of this extremely responsible job profile. Even the costumes, make-up, special effects, props, every little detail of the film have to go through the scanner of the production designer.

Since this is a job with such enormous responsibility, you cannot merely dream of becoming one, you have to have certain skills so that you can become an efficient production designer like David Berkowitz Chicago. It is important that you have flair of creativity. Also you need to smart, and upbeat to able to designate work to people and be able to explain to them exactly as it is required. Have a clear understanding of visual arts is a compulsion along with a critical eye at everything you examine.

Being a production designer is one of the most brain storming jobs that can possible exist because it requires you to think of multiple things simultaneously and take the correct decisions at all times. It is hence definitely important to applaud the work of a production designer.


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