Prophet TB Joshua Explains the Challenges of Spiritual Life

People embark on spiritual way expecting nothing but happiness and bliss. They think that all their worries would end as the path goes ahead. They expect that their lives would take a turn towards joy and become smooth. However, rarely this happens says Prophet TB Joshua. He has chosen the path of God a long time ago. He has forsaken everything else and walked the spiritual path only. He has followed Jesus and took Jesus’ words as the ultimate truth, yet, Joshua has faced a lot of hardship in his life. Frequently he gets attacked by other clergy men. People have accused him of wrong doing and indulging into demonic practice. People have said he uses power in the wrong way. His magic has been branded as occult practice. Yet, Joshua has not backed away. He stood his place with resolution and made sure that he keeps doing God’s work. This is called spirituality. Those who have decided to give this path a chance in life are up for some hardships too, warns Joshua. He wants you to be aware of the turns your life might take once you choose the spiritual path.

Once you become aware of the depth, you would not be able to meet the world as freely. Everything would seem strange outside. The people you liked to spend time with before, would not make any sense to you anymore. The things which gave you happiness, would not make you happy any longer. There would changes. There would even be sadness. Some darkness might be so engulfing that you would feel physically sick. Enlightened path usually brings darkness along. This is the healing process though it might not feel so. In pain people usually leave the path and move away. This is the biggest mistake one can make.

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To stick to the spiritual path you would need someone like Prophet TB Joshua to offer you guidance. He would walk the walk with you. He would help you find meaning when the path reveals nothing but darkness. He would help you walk ahead when all you want to do is leave and run away. Running away never solves any problem says Joshua. He has seen so much in life. He has endured so much in like yet, he has not left the path of God. Like a true follower he followed the road that God has set for him. You need to do this too. You need to stick to it no matter how much pain the path brings to you.

He will help you come out of the darkness because he knows that darkness ends. He has seen that light flickers at the end of the tunnel and he has seen that pain comes to an end. Yes, it would leave a sense of sadness behind which will make you more sensitive to others pain. You would notice that you become more aware of the emotions around you than you had been before. The path is worth sticking on to. Even if you don’t believe that you have strength, find a teacher and keep going.


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