Reasons to rent a car with driver

The car rental with driver in Madrid, are a good alternative transportation, comfortable safe and economical.The most frequent destinations are usually Madrid airport, train stations, bus, tourist routes or long distance.There are many reasons to choose to rent a car with driver in Madrid , the most common is the convenience of not having to go out to the street to find a means of transport and also take you to your destination a professional while the customer takes advantage relax in the vehicle.

Why rent a vehicle with driver in Madrid?

The rental cars with driver in Madrid are comfortable, spacious vehicles and driven by a qualified professional, this frees the customer from the tedious task of driving in the difficult traffic jams of Madrid. Whatever the origin of our clients, we pick them up and take them to their destination with total punctuality and the AUTO RESERVA guarantee:All vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, card payment and large luggage compartments so you can travel to the airport without worries of space for your bags and jeep cj5 waterproof cover.

What rates are applied in Madrid?

All rates for rental vehicles with driver are subject to price regulation and you can check these only by calling by phone or from our contact page.Is it possible to rent a vehicle with a driver for a long distance trip?You can rent a vehicle with driver from Madrid to any national point, to know the rates consult us without obligation at any time of day.

Rental car with driver Madrid national destination

In AUTO RESERVA, rental cars with driver in Madrid , we are specialized in making long distance national trips. Whether you are a company, self-employed or private, discover a comfortable, safe and fast way to travel. Avoid long waits at the airport and travel comfortably with a qualified driver making the stops you need.


Whatever your destination; Alicante, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​etc … we cover any type of route, both only one way, and round trip. We have comfortable, spacious and high-end vehicles. We accept card payments, all vehicles have a data phone.AUTO RESERVA has a high commitment of quality with all its travelers, a service of attention ready to help you with whatever your doubts or the need of information for any of our services. We have highly qualified drivers willing to provide the best service and attention.If you need more information or want to make a reservation, you can call us at 910 311 444. If you wish, you can also make your car reservation with driver in Madrid online using the following form that we put at your disposal.

Transportation Madrid airport center

Auto Reserve works in the whole area of ​​Madrid; we have a large fleet in the center of Madrid, one of the most outstanding points and with the largest number of daily reservations covering trips from the center of Madrid to the airport at any time.If you need a vehicle in the center of Madrid and from very early to be in a timely manner in any of its terminals Auto Reserva is your car service with driver. We have comfortable, spacious vehicles and qualified drivers. All our vehicles have card payment and large volume porters for loading your luggage.Why choose Auto Reserva from the center of Madrid to the airport.

Pick-up service and transfer to the airport by early booking.

Charging by card

Vehicle with all the amenities.


Telephone service

Groups of child seats, what chair do I need?

According to the smallest they are growing logically they do it in height and weight. Maybe the time has come to change the chair and for this we will see the different car seats group 1, 2 and 3 and for that range of weight and height are designed.The use of the right group is very important for them, thus increasing the security given that these groups are designed according to their characteristics, mounting in the direction of travel, harness and restraints to provide them with the greatest possible safety.I-SIZE car seat measures (45-75 CM)This system is subject and adapted to the new standard, this chair is equipped with IXOFIX anchor for babies with a height between 45 and 75 cm. This chair has harnesses that ensure maximum support in the direction opposite to the running of the vehicle on which it is mounted.

Children group 0 car seat measures (0 to 10 KG)

It is a chair adapted for newborn children, weighing up to 10 kilos. This chair has to be mounted in a transverse position in the rear seat

Children of group 0 and 0+ measures (0 to 13 KG)

Children of group 0 and 0+ measures (0 to 13 KG)The system of these chairs is designed to allow the baby to be carried in the back or in the front of the vehicle (for this, one of the exceptions to the rule that forces children to travel in the back seat must be met). It is very important that if we mount the chair in the front the passenger airbag is disconnected. This chair is anchored to the vehicle through harnesses and must be mounted in the opposite direction to that of the vehicle.

I-SIZE children with height up to (105 CM)

The I-size standard came into force in 2013 and complies with the safety standards. This is valid for children with a maximum height of 105 CM. This chair must be mounted in the opposite direction to the march until the child reaches at least 15 months, although its use is recommended until 4 years of age. This chair uses ISOFIX anchorages and also safety harnesses.

Children of group 1 (From 9 18 KG)

This chair is fastened using a harness and can be placed in both directions of travel, but it is recommended to carry it mounted in the opposite direction to that of the vehicle. Logically, you will have to adjust the chair as the child grows. The chair has the possibility of ISOFIX anchorage.

Children of group 2 (From 15 to 25 KG)

Lifting system that allows adapting the belt path of 3 points to the retention system. The vehicle uses the safety system to hold the child. This system allows the child to travel in the direction of travel in the front seat of the vehicle.

Children group 3 (From 22 36 KG)

This system is a lifting cushion that elevates the child and so can make use of the 3-point safety belt. (Complying with the height and weight of the law) you can travel in both the front and rear seats and in the direction of travel.In any case, the RACE always recommends using a lift with a backup (group II) until the small one measure 1.35 meters, if this system allows it.It is very important that we remember that children with a height equal to or less than 1.35 meters will not be able to travel in the front seat of the vehicle and there are only three situations in which it could be exempt, which are:

That the car does not have rear seats, if the rear seats could not install any restraint system or that the rear seats of the vehicle were occupied by other minors with the same height.

Intrusion in rental vehicles

Spanish Federation of Taxi denounces activities of intrusion in the service of rental vehicles with driver (VTC) in Spain, by Chinese applications HumanBoa Che and 168.One of the most affected cities is Malaga, which has been affected for months by these pirate taxis with drivers of Chinese origin who are dedicated to transporting Asian passengers from their country of origin. These vehicles operate without any license. They are present both at the airport and around the MariaZambian train station.Both drivers and passengers make use of a couple of mobile applications, HumanBoa Che and 168, and after initially arriving in Madrid and Barcelona the taxi guild sees how they act on the Costa del Sol in the same way already studied so that they do not take, The way of operating is as follows: the Chinese tourist hires the vehicle using an application and once it arrives at the airport or the train station, the car is already located and waiting to pick it up in the parking lot of the station or in the airport, where there is no control in the area of ​​official taxis for collection.

A business that is not taxed as taxis and VTCS do legally and that obviously tax taxes for the profits of their effort and work.The drivers are individuals of Chinese origin and they use the application to contact and agree with the customer from the same country.These have the advantage of the Chinese language to communicate with their compatriots, we understand that they are not handled in the same way with the Spanish language, when they are outside of laws, tributes and some regularization, maybe this last one is just a lack of understanding of the dialect.Although we knew it as Prototype E, Honda has just announced that finally the production variant of its first electric model will be marketed under the name Honda e .With this and with the announcement of the Jazz Hybrid, Honda advances its “Electric Vision” for Europe. The new Honda Jazz will be available with a hybrid power train equipped with the brand’s exclusive and advanced Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD) technology.The strategy of the “Electric Vision” was reinforced in the past Geneva Motor Show and is that, by 2025, 100% of the brand’s cars sold in Europe will be equipped with electric propulsion systems.

The  Honda e , presented as the latest prototype version in Geneva, is the first Honda model to benefit from a specific platform for electric vehicles, which is a steep step forward in terms of design and technology. Honda’s compact electric vehicle will feature the driving dynamics characteristic of the brand, thanks to an advanced electric propulsion system complemented by a sporty rear-wheel drive system.The Hondae already has more than 22,000 users who have registered their interest throughout Europe. Customers interested in Spain can register on the Spanish Honda website.Before reaching its goal of electrification by 2025, Honda will expand the application of its dual-motor hybrid system i-MMD introducing it in the smaller segments.

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