Sea Glass Engagement Rings and Why They’re Better Than Diamonds

An engagement ring should be special and unique. It should mean something personal for the person who proposes, and also for their future fiancé. While diamond rings are considered the standard for engagement jewelry, there are increasing numbers of engaged couples who are turning to alternative stones, and even jewelry that uses reclaimed sea glass as the feature. What are sea glass engagement rings, and why are they so special for anyone thinking about proposing in the near future?

Sea Glass Engagement Rings Combine Beauty with Environmental Consciousness

Engagement rings made from precious metal and sea glass can be the perfect fit for progressive couples who are committed to environmental stability and the preservation of our natural resources. Sea glass is also a great alternative to diamonds for anyone who has ethical concerns about how diamonds are mined.

Sea glass starts life as standard glass in the form of bottles, jars, and other glassware. The best sea glass starts off as clear tinted glass and is commonly found in colors like frosted white, frosted green, and a deep frosted red/brown. Although these are the most popular colors, the glass can be found in almost any hue, and sea glass engagement rings can be custom made or chosen according to a color that means something special to the buyer and the person that they wish to propose to.

When glass pollutes the ocean, it doesn’t completely break down but is instead slowly eroded over time until it takes form as smooth frosted glass that absorbs light, rather than reflecting or refracting it. Because of this, sea glass doesn’t sparkle under light like diamonds or other precious stones do but instead has a warm and natural glow that is highly appealing and intriguing for anyone that has never seen sea glass engagement rings. Producing jewelry from sea glass means that glass is removed from beaches and river sides, and put to use as jewelry that will last for generations.

Visual Differences with Sea Glass Engagement Rings

Sea glass rings look strikingly different when compared to traditional engagement rings, however, there are still some similarities.

The base rings are made from precious metals like sterling silver, and gold in purities ranging from 10 – 24 karats. Because the pieces of sea glass used for engagement rings are typically larger than the average diamond, there is a lot of room for creativity in the design of the metal and the setting for the sea glass. Anyone familiar with large stones like topaz will be able to find similarities in the designs of

Sea glass engagement rings. Some owners of custom sea glass engagement rings choose designs that reflect the source of the glass,

Including patterns that represent the sea, such as flowing metalwork that is reminiscent of waves or currents. Some choose to incorporate traditional precious stones into a sea glass ring design, and it’s not uncommon to see a single round, princess, or oval cut diamond that has been incorporated into a sea glass design.

Engagement Rings That Are Unique, Original, and More Meaningful

The diamond industry is highly commercialized and many couples seek materials that are more ethical, environmentally friendly, and meaningful. Sea glass engagement rings make use of beautiful pieces of glass that are often used in art and sculpture, and turn them into high fashion jewelry that any future bride or groom would be proud to wear.

Sea glass engagement rings are also relatively affordable and are a popular choice with young couples who lead a more spiritual or alternative lifestyle.
Anyone looking for a special engagement ring that goes against convention can find beautiful and stylish pieces with sea glass engagement rings.

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