Some of the main methods of waste disposal

The challenge with waste disposal is the ever increasing population especially in urban areas where people are crowded. The amount of waste created by every household is increasing and as such disposing of them has become a big headache. Some of the effective methods to use in terms of waste disposal include:


This method serves to transform the waste into new usable products through industrial processing. The most common type of waste that can be recycled includes glass, plastics, paper, and aluminum. This is an environmentally friendly method that reuses instead of adding waste into an already filled up area. The only challenge with this method is that it’s a pretty expensive process and people may think it’s an unnecessary trouble to go to.


This process involves combustion of waste to transform into gases and liquid components. This process reduces the amount of waste by a good percentage. The main problem with this method is that the process entails emitting gases that are harmful to the environment. Using filters can help check pollution. The process is rather inexpensive so it’s a good choice. The energy from combustion can be extracted to be used for other things like powering turbines, heating, and cooking.


This entails decomposing of organic waste by microbes by allowing the waste to accumulate in a pit for a long time. The nutrients in the compost are rich and can be used as plant manure. The process is slow and takes up a lot of space.


This involves transporting of waste using septic service trucks, to dumping sites. Initially the base is prepared with a protective lining which acts as a barrier between the waste and ground water. It also prevents the separation of toxic chemicals into the water. The non-porous soil is preferred as it will reduce the vulnerability of accidental leakages of the toxins into the soil. It should also be created in low groundwater levels.

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