SPLUNK For Security

California head quarter, SPLUNK Inc. is a global IT giant firm with has regional operations and branch offices across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia. SPLUNK is engaged in the business of producing software that is utilised to search monitor and analyse machine-generated big data through a web-based interface.

SPLUNK also delivers many products for security which such a SPLUNK Enterprise Security, SPLUNK Insights for Ransomware, Phantom Etc. SPLUNK Enterprise Security enables users and businesses to combat threats with actionable intelligence and advanced analytics with a reduction in time to detect by ingesting any machine data for full visibility to quickly identify any malicious threats. It also Streamlines investigations by investigating activities with a potential for security incidents and ensures rapid response with a  quick response using automated actions and workflows.

SPLUNK Insights for Ransomware is a comprehensive approach to address the risk of ransomware by quickly assessing the risk of ransomware, enables a faster, streamlined investigation of possible ransomware attacks and reduces detection to response time drastically.

Phantom automates repetitive task to multiple security teams efforts and better focus on mission-critical decisions, strengthens defences by integrating existing security infrastructure with existing infrastructure to enable each part to participate actively in an organisations defence strategies with automated detection and investigation reduce response times drastically.

SPLUNK engages many of its partners in its network for implementation of SPLUNK security programs such as Olu Campbell one of the most trusted SPLUNK Architects, is a Big Data SME with vast experience in the space of cybersecurity, cloud management, Internet of Things, System architecting, and Artificial Intelligence. Olu Campbell has previously worked with corporations like Apple, SAIC, Northrop Grumman etc. as a consultant and currently is leading a project at PARTIGARD as a senior consultant.

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