Stem Cell Research, Popular Treatments, and Risks

Your body is a temple so treat it well is an old quote that everyone knows, and today, there are quite a lot of treatments that you can receive in both surgical and non-surgical fashion. One branch that dwells into both options of treatments is the one revolving around stem cells.

Today, there are quite a lot of clinics who do not really understand what stem cell treatments do, and how far their possibilities can go. Quite often the clinics will advertise some lies that will just get someone’s hope up, and it is truly unfortunate that a lot of people fall for those tricks because they don’t really have that many options to educate themselves about that research.

Visiting a reputable clinic is always the right choice

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How does stem cell work in general?

There are many diseases that kill cells inside the organs and claim lives or impair a person’s ability to have a normal life. For example, there are about 5.8 million people in America who have a heart failure and 670k people who are diagnosed with it every year. The heart failure results in heart muscles dying, so the heart is not able to pump enough blood.

The first step be able to properly use the stem cells for the purpose of treatment is to actually establish the stem cell lines, as the researchers were able to accomplish. After that, scientists need to be able to turn on specific genes inside the stem cells, so that those stem cells will be able to differentiate into any kind of cells they want. However, scientists have still not learned how they should do this.

However, the stem cell treatments have been used for different things, other than help with what was already mentioned. Currently, they have a couple of ideas that are being tested on animals, and from that data, they will be able to eventually use that technology on humans as well. This could possibly save a lot of lives.

Other types of treatments

As you have already read, the stem cell treatment can do wonders for our body. For example, if you are not satisfied with the double chin you have, even though your body is relatively in healthy shape, the stem cell treatment could help you out. There is a serum that is formulated with the human stem cells that obtain the growth factors together with cytokines and polypeptide complexes.

Often, the most problematic parts where people are just not able to get rid of their stubborn fat is under their chin, and if this is causing you to lose self-confidence, you can check out double chin injections solution from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or talk to your doctor about the stem cell treatment that could help reduce your double chin.

Get rid of the stubborn fat below your chin

Risks surrounding stem cell therapy

As with any other treatment, you have some risks that follow stem cell treatment, and if you are planning to have this treatment, you should know about them. Talk to your doctor, since you can have your immune system reject the cells, they could also potentially form tumors, which is definitely not something you would want.

Final word

We are still far away from being able to translate the science behind the treatment into an effective and safe medical treatment. However, the researchers are making great advancements at understanding the normal development, and they are figuring out how potential treatments could work. So, maybe we are not that far!

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