Sunny Beach: The Advantages of All-Inclusive Beach Vacations


When you plan a vacation at the beach, the last thing you want is to feel any kind of stress. One way to avoid this stress is to pay for an all-inclusive beach vacation package. There are several advantages to this kind of travel, things that will make your beach vacation that much more enjoyable.

Travel Fees Paid in Advance

There is something stressful about having to pull out your wallet every time you want to do something on vacation, having to carefully calculate how much each thing is going to cost and how it will impact your budget.

With an all-inclusive beach vacation, your travel fees are paid in advance, making the getting there part of the trip that much simpler. Since your fees are already paid, you can relax and enjoy the journey worry free.

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Less Wasted Time

You know that moment at the restaurant when you are done with your meal and ready to just move on with your night, whether that means dancing until the dawn, a moonlit walk, or taking an after-dinner nap? In many all-inclusive beach vacations, your meals are paid for in advance, and you can even pay extra initially to include tips to the staff.

When you are done eating, or done with any other activity, you can simply get up and leave. You don’t have to wait for the check, and there is no disputing the bill. Everything is simply taken care of so you can spend more time with the sand between your toes.

Free Activities

While you may have booked some activities in advance, all-inclusive beach resorts offer many free activities as well, things you don’t have to plan for.

This means you can be somewhat spontaneous, joining in on things you want to do, skipping those things you don’t without feeling guilty that you have wasted money on tickets you are not going to use.

These activities can vary from adventures like fire walking and native ceremonies to relaxing hikes and sight-seeing tours. Taking advantage of them when you want to helps you feel like you are getting a greater value out of your vacation.

Free Booze (Sometimes)

While not every all-inclusive beach resort offers free drinks as part of the deal, many do, and the alcohol they use is typically a decent quality.

While some resorts in Mexico have gotten a bad rap lately, most resorts use good alcohol and adhere to pretty strict health and safety standards.

If you want to have the choice of free libations on your trip to help you relax, make sure to check to see if that is one of the amenities offered by the resort you are booking with.

Sophisticated or Casual Dining

The advantage of a large, all-inclusive beach resort is the dining choices they offer. You can typically choose from sophisticated meals at starred restaurants with fine chefs to grabbing a burger and fries at a pub style restaurant.

The choice is yours, and whatever you feel like doing. Since the dining cost is typically a part of your vacation package, you don’t have to determine what you can afford, instead you can simply make choices based on your mood.

Having choices is one of the greatest parts of being on vacation, and an all-inclusive resort makes a variety of selections available.

Staying within your Budget

Not only are your travel fees paid in advance, but since so many things are included in your package for free, you will have an easier time staying in your budget. Nothing is quite as discouraging as betting down to the end of a vacation to realize you have seriously overspent and need to pull money from savings or work extra to “recover.”

By booking an all-inclusive beach vacation, you can keep this type of spending to a minimum, staying within reasonable spending limits.

Certainty vs. Serendipity

Do you like certainty in your vacation, knowing what you are doing when? Are you a person who wants to just go with the flow, taking on whatever comes next for you?

If you like to be certain about what is next, and know exactly what your schedule will be, an all-inclusive beach vacation might be the ideal one for you. Letting someone else do the planning, or carefully setting up your events and activities may make your vacation great.

At the same time, an all-inclusive vacation can have some built in flexibility for someone who wants to be a bit more impulsive. A word of caution though: sometimes activities get fully booked, meaning if you didn’t plan ahead, it might be harder to take part.

When looking at booking vacations, be sure you understand how that particular resort works, and how truly flexible schedules and reservations are.

Advice for Booking Wisely

Does this all-inclusive type of vacation sound good to you? It may be perfect, but here is some booking advice.

First, check out sites like Expedia for all-inclusive beach vacation packages and compare destinations and what you want to do. Certain areas may be less expensive certain times of year, and a site that offers several choices is the first place to do your research.

Second, be sure to read the fine print of the vacation you choose. There is no concrete definition of all-inclusive, so different resorts include different amenities. Look for how many meals are free, if you have to pay for premium drinks, transportation costs, Wi-Fi, and even gratuities.

Also, be sure you understand what “airfare included” means, as in some cases it is defined by flights from certain cities, so you may need to find your way to one of those airports from your hometown if you do not live nearby.

Bottom Line

You may be able to save money if you book your own vacation and stick to your budget carefully. However, paying for your travel fees and other amenities in advance takes the stress out of having to watch every penny.

The time saved along with included things like free activities, drinks and meals makes this kind of vacation appealing. An all-inclusive beach vacation may be just what you need to escape the monotony of work and everyday life, while letting someone else do the planning for you.

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