Sur California: Road Trip Tips For First Timers

There are many who claim that the Sur, California region is the most gorgeous stretch of coast in America. There are others who claim that this is the most beautiful area in the entire world. All it will take is one look at this rugged, majestic landscape to see why these claims are made. Sur offers some of the absolute best scenery to be found on the Pacific coast. You have panoramic ocean views, majestic redwood forests, and rock cliffs that will make you feel as if you have entered a different world. Each you thousands of travelers pass through the Sur region in their RV rentals to experience this scenic cultural hub. If you’ve looking to join them and have never been to the area before, then make sure to keep the below spots on your list.

Nepenthe Restaurant

This is the most famous eatery in the area, featuring great food, an epic view of the coastline, and a historic past. You can dine at the same table that famous former resident Henry Miller wrote many of his greatest works and watch in awe as the sun sets over the water. Many locals agree that this eatery has one of the absolute best views in the area, not to mention some of the tastiest fare. If you’re going to have one great meal while in in Sur, then make it at this legendary establishment.

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The Henry Miller Library

This isn’t like any library you’ve ever heard of. Just like it’s rowdy and daring namesake, the Henry Miller Library features readings and live music in an outdoor setting under a canopy of redwoods. This scenic and unconventional performance setting draws in everyone from best selling authors to up and coming indie acts to big name bands. You truly won’t find a more unique setting and a visit to the Library is highly recommended even if you don’t plan on seeing a show while in the area.

The Big Sur Campground And Cabins

There is truly no better place for visitors to pull up in their RV rentals for a good night’s rest than this incredibly well-maintained campground. Located in the middle of a redwood forest, this laid back and truly scenic area is a true taste of the traditional Big Sur terrain. Camping out in a redwood forest is one of the most unique and pleasant camping experiences. The tall trees aren’t only majestic to look at but they offer a hush quiet and calm that has been bringing campers to this region for decades. This popular and historic campground offers the chance to experience redwood camping at its finest.

Highway 101

One of the most historic roadways in America, Highway 101 offers a true taste of California beauty. Driving along this road will afford you a breathtaking view of the ocean, rock cliffs, redwood forests, and clear open skies. Fortunately for you, the stretch of the 101 in the Big Sur area is one of the most scenic on the whole route. Take a day and head south on the 101, stop at a roadside restaurant to enjoy a meal overlooking the ocean, and then head back to Big Sur to continue your stay. This is a drive that you won’t ever forget, so it’s worth setting aside a day in order to take it in.

The Spa At Ventana Inn

Long known as one of the absolute best spas in the world, the Spa At Ventana Inn is a great place to get pampered during your stay. This being California, it isn’t just massages and facials on offer at the Ventana. Here you will dine Reiki and chakra balancing and other new age treatments This is a well kept and relaxing environment, and a great way to relax and clear your head after some hard days on the road.

Fernwood Resort

This bar and music hub is one of the most popular nightspots in the area. One of the best things about the Fernwood is that it is frequented by both locals and visitors, so you can get a real taste for local culture while having a drink and listening to some great music from a local band or even a national touring act.

Point Sure Lightstation

Locate along the coast of the Point Sur State Historic park, the Lightstation is a sight you are most definitely going to want to experience. Sitting high on a volcanic rock just offshore, this historic lighthouse is one of the last of its kind anywhere in the United States. If you take one of the guided tours on offer you can learn about the unique history of both the lighthouse and the area plus even spot wales on a clear day.

Find out why so many travelers aim their RV rentals in the direction of Sur when moving through California.

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