Take Your Wedding on the Road: The Top Locations and Benefits of a Destination Wedding

About a quarter of all weddings are destination weddings, and why shouldn’t they be? While your hometown may offer some stunning sights and nostalgic scenery, there’s nothing like starting a new chapter of life in a new, beautiful location. Although figuring out how to get the wedding dress and tux to the destination without too much wrinkling may require some effort, most destination weddings are fairly simplified, allowing the bride and groom to focus on each other and the vows that they are making to one another.

The Top Destination Wedding Locations

Virtually every place in the world has a location that is ideal for weddings. Whether you want to stay close to home or travel abroad, it’s easy to find the perfect destination for your wedding. Here are 10 of the top locations:

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  1.  Jamaica. With the beautiful beaches and ocean water, it’s no wonder Jamaica is a top destination for weddings.
  2.  Costa Rica. Similarly to Jamaica, Costa Rica offers stunning beaches and a rich cultural experience for couples and their wedding guests.
  3.  The Dominican Republic. Another destination with incredible beaches, the Dominican Republic being one of the top wedding destinations should come as no surprise.
  4.  Riviera Maya. It’s hard to resist the draw of the ocean, and being closer to home, Riviera Maya in Mexico is a favorite wedding destination of many.
  5.  Hawaii. Hawaii’s many islands offer stunning views and diversity from the beaches to the mountains. It’s a great place to wed and then honeymoon.
  6.  Arizona. It may not be the first destination that comes to mind, but its stunning desert landscape and the red rocks and mountains are a draw for many.
  7.  Utah. Whether winter or summer, Utah’s mountain cities, like Park City, are a popular wedding destination for couples who want to make their vows and literally declare their love from the mountaintops.
  8.  New York. New York offers couples diversity from beautiful farmlands and mountainous regions to the big city itself. Whatever backdrop you want, New York probably has it.
  9.  Florida. Florida’s beaches are well-known for their beauty, and instead of spending the money to travel abroad, it enables you to have your dream beach wedding for a fraction of the cost.
  10.  Nevada. Home of Las Vegas, Nevada is a popular wedding destination where couples can go to have a wild night out after their vows or have a quick wedding before traveling to their honeymoon location.

The Top Benefits of a Destination Wedding

A lot of couples don’t even consider destination weddings because they worry about the cost or their guests’ ability to travel. Destination weddings offer a lot of upsides, though, and if you’ve been considering one, here are just a few of the benefits you’ll get:

They’re simpler. When you’re hosting your wedding away from home, you have to pack light and make your plans simpler than you might have otherwise. This means that instead of having to hire a caterer, find a venue or two, coordinate setup and takedown, etc., you’ll only have to pack your dress, grab your fiancé, find an officiator, and a few chairs for your guests.

They can cost a lot less. A lot of people think that destination weddings are expensive since they require travel, but the truth is they can cost a lot less than a traditional wedding. Because the guest list will be smaller and because you’ll have to simplify, the biggest cost will likely be the expense of traveling and the place that you’ll stay. Other than that, there won’t be large expenses for much else.

There’s less stress. Since your guest list will be smaller, the costs will be lower, and there will be less pressure to follow certain traditions, you’ll have complete control over your wedding and can do it the way that you want to. This will make things a lot less stressful and a lot more enjoyable. Plus, when you’re away from home and on vacation, and vacations are always relaxing.

They offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Whether you choose to get married in a place you’ve always dreamed of going or travel to a place where your ancestors or family is from, a destination can offer you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As life goes on, kids come along, careers take off, etc., it’s not always easy to get away, so you can use your wedding as an excuse.

The photos will be incredible. There’s nothing like a pristine beach and clear ocean, or the incredible desert and red rock to set the scene for incredible photos. When you have a destination wedding, odds are there are some photo locations you can take advantage of that will give you photos like no one else you know has and make those memories all the more special.

In Conclusion

Whether you’ve always dreamed of getting married in Hawaii, Mexico, New York, or Arizona, there are a lot of benefits to a destination wedding. From enjoying your day stress-free to seeing sights you’ve never seen before, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy and always remember your wedding day. Where have you always dreamed of getting married?

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