Tips on Packing to Move To A New House

No one looks forward to relocation. It is not only a tedious process, but it is also time-consuming. But at one point, all of us will have to move out of our houses into a new one. Packing is inevitable when relocating. You can easily be overwhelmed while trying to fit all your things into boxes. Here are some packing tips that can be useful when moving out as it is important to plan your move.

  1. Pack Early

It is impossible to pack everything within two or even three days to the actual relocation date, unless you have few items. Packing requires enough time. Up to even a month. So, avoid last minute packing as much as possible. There is no exact time when you should start packing because that depends on the number of items and size of your house. But once you know the moving day, you should start packing as early as two months from it.

  1. Make an Inventory

Don’t begin the actual packing before you take stock of the items in all rooms. An inventory helps you to stay organized and on track when packing. Going through your items will help you decide which ones you will need and which ones you won’t need in your new place. List essential things to pack and the rest you can discard or sell them. Also, when taking stock, group the items by room so that when you are unpacking in your new place, you will know where to place each box.

  1. Start Packing Items in Rooms that are Not Regularly Used

Packing is not a one day job, so it makes sense for you to begin packing from rooms that are not being used on a daily basis. For example, your garage or garden shed. Packing in these rooms should be easy because you don’t occupy them. Also, pack room by room. Ensure that you finish packing in one room before proceeding to the next, this will help you stay organized.

  1. Pack in Specialized Boxes

Unless you have conventional packing materials, specialized boxes will come in handy. These boxes are made to store specific items or to ensure that you safely transport your items. Specialized boxes include wardrobe boxes or boxes that come with dividers. Wardrobe boxes, for instance, have a hanger bar where you can hang your clothes. Also, if you are packing in boxes remember not to over-pack them, so that lifting will be easy and your things will not be distorted.

These packing tips will be useful if you are thinking of moving into a new place. Also, don’t forget to label the boxes and avoid using newspaper for packing as it will leave stains. But if you still find it hard to pack on your own, you can always hire a professional packing company.

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