Toyota Camry Baltimore

Toyota Camry Baltimore

Gazing out at my driveway at my Ruby Flare Pearl Toyota Camry nearly brought tears to my eyes. Not only is the color a vibrant sparkle of pearlescent automobile genuis, it rides great too.  While I know it is not a viable being, my Camry comes closer to my heart than most people that I know. This is the story.

Now How Many Did You Say?

All I could remember is how my Toyota Camry Baltimore saved my life in more ways than one and on more than one occasion! The car came out of nowhere and veered by my side before it went right in front of me on the shortcut home. I beeped my horn in frustration and instantly thought about how secure my vehicle is. We didn’t collide but if we had I knew I had some real security surrounding me.

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The Toyota Camry has ten airbags: Driver and Front Passenger Advanced Airbag System, Driver and Front Passenger Knee Airbags, Driver and Front Passenger Side Mounted Airbags, Front and Rear Side Curtain Airbags and Rear Seated Airbags. With all of that – guess what – nothing is touching you.

My Camry Also Saved My Life By Saving Me Money

I had just started a new job and was really on a budget. If you don’t believe the hype when you see the sticker for the miles per gallon just imagine if you really relied on it being true. Toyota Camry gets 24 miles per gallon in the city and 33 miles per gallon with highway miles. It’s true.

You get all of the luxury that a Camry affords and you also get the added value of it being real easy on your pocket. It proved to be a life saver because my Camry helped me stick to a strict budget.

When my friends ask me why I stick with Toyota no matter what I remind them just how much we all need our cars – that’s how we get around and live our lives. I wouldn’t trust another car to transport my life.

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