Treat the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children

There are many children who suffer with the disorders of attention deficit hyperactivity. This disorder continues into adolescence and adulthood. It also affects some life aspects such as achievements in school and work, finances, health, and relationship. It is treatable, so you can meet your doctor and give the details of your child’s condition. There are many doctors that suggest Atomoxetine medicine in this disorder. It can also be obtained from the name Strattera. This medicine affects all kinds of harmful chemicals and mental condition so your child will feel comfortable and well.

What are the common symptoms of ADHD in children and how they can be treated?

In the children, the primary symptom of this kind of disorder is inattention and hyper active-impulse behavior. In some children these symptoms are seen at the age of twelve but it is commonly noticeable in the age of three years. These symptoms can be severe and mild and the same may continue in the adulthood. The main cause of this disorder is not clear but it may be genetic, environmental such as lead exposure and developmental like problem with central nervous system.  You can use some medicines for treating this kind of disorder. The doses of atomoxetine is recommended by the doctor for kids on the basis of body mass such as 155lbs on the half of the per kilogram of body weight.

Whom you should avoid this medicine?

It is also avoided to be used in some cases such as narrow and closed angle glaucoma, serious heart and vessel disorders, pheochromocytoma, and cerebrovascular disorder. It is also not used during lactation if your doctor is not prescribed.  It is commonly used at the age of six years in the children if it is recommended by your doctor.

Is this kind of medication is safe for the child?

ADHD is a kind of disorder which is mostly seen in the children. It is difficult to make sure that medicine is suitable or not. It is medically tested on many kids who have the same symptoms of disorder.  In the end of the result, the effect of the medicine is more significant and reliable to control the symptoms of this disorder. The effects of the medicine are long term and useful. It is already proven that the medicine is most effective in equally both in a single daily intake and two split doses such as in the morning and after  lunch.  The best option to buy this medicine is from the certified online stores such as RXShopMD.

What are the safety measures you should follow for taking this medicine?

Before starting the medication, it is Important for you that you should follow some safety measures.  You should monitor the blood pressure, cardiovascular condition, heart rate and many other general symptoms. You should document all the symptoms and after taking the medicine and further check all the monitors and general symptoms. If record measures a difference then you should contact your doctor. If this medicine comes in contact with the eyes then you should wash the eyes as well as hands.

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